MMA fans are calling for UFC welterweight Mike Perry to receive help after the controversial fighter posted a video on social media showing him with a deep wound to his leg while sitting in a puddle of blood by a smashed door.

Perry, known for being one of the UFC’s more colorful characters, uploaded a video to Instagram which showed him apparently in the aftermath of shattering a glass door with a kick, leaving him with a nasty gash on his lower leg that was bleeding profusely.

The video shows Perry lying on his back muttering expletives as he surveys the damage to his wound, before he turns the camera to show a broken glass door – implying that Perry damaged his leg while kicking it.

F*ck am I supposed to do about this? F*ck,” Perry can be heard saying in the brief clip.

This man has lost it 💀

No matter what I do it’s never enough. So I act out. Happy to spill my own blood.

Soon after posting the video online, Perry followed up with a tweet in which he wrote: “No matter what I do, it’s never enough. So I act out. Happy to spill my own blood.”

This appears to the latest outside-of-the-cage incident to have blighted Perry’s recent career.

In July, Perry was captured on camera punching and apparently knocking out a man outside a restaurant in Texas, while he has also been the subject of domestic violence accusation from his ex-wife, Danielle Nickerson – claims that Perry has denied.

Seriously get some help. This isn’t cool or funny anymore. Quit acting like a badass. It isn’t working. Get help for your family and friends. 🙏

Losing the plot. Best talk to a friend and regroup.

Perry is also expecting his first child with his new partner and sometimes-cornerperson, Latory Gonzalez, who has acted as his coach in his last two UFC contests.

The fighter known as ‘Platinum’ had previously attempted to auction a role on his corner team ahead of his last fight – a decision loss to fellow veteran Tim Means.

Perry has recorded just three victories in his previous nine UFC fights, last winning against Mickey Gall in June.