Calendars are popular and expensive. Many people need the practical everyday helper to note vacations, birthdays, doctor’s appointments or important holidays. It’s good that banks, supermarkets and pharmacies distribute them for free. This year they are particularly in demand. FOCUS online says how to get the free everyday helpers and where you can alternatively look.

Supermarkets and discounters have already distributed hundreds of thousands of calendars to their customers and this year the note-taking aids are particularly popular. The free print products have been sold out in many branches for weeks.

Because wall and desk calendars, like notepads, have become even more expensive compared to the previous year. Consumers pay a good ten euros for a simple wall calendar. The background to this is the significantly increased paper, printing and transport costs.

The calendars at Aldi, Lidl or Rewe are usually free with every purchase. Because they are so popular, those who are interested have to be patient. The free family calendars are already sold out in many branches. So what to do to get free calendars?

In addition to supermarkets and discounters, pharmacies also have free calendars in their range. Just ask the staff directly when you are near to buy medicines. Medical practices are usually also supplied with calendars by pharmaceutical companies. Here, too, patients can dust off free copies.

But savings banks, Volks- and Landesbanks also distribute free calendars to their customers. Again, you have to go to a branch first. FOCUS online advises: Savings banks also have free household books for the year 2023 on offer. This allows you to always keep an eye on your income and expenses. This year’s issue has 54 pages.

Workshops, butchers and bakeries are also among the places that have free calendars at the end of the year.

Authorities and offices can also be contact points to get calendars. The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, for example, prints the intercultural calendar every year. It lists all the important religious holidays. Consumer centers can also help.

Sports clubs, adult education centers and cultural associations also print calendars for their members every year. You can also ask here whether there are calendars.

Calendars and notepads are generally much cheaper in November than in December. The background is that the demand increases during Advent. Calendars and notebooks are also coveted Christmas gifts.

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