Anton Hofreiter demands the delivery of German battle tanks to the Ukraine. Accordingly, Germany must do more than want to deliver several dozen copies of the Marder infantry fighting vehicle. In general, the decision was made “very, very late”.

After the decision by Germany and the USA to deliver armored personnel carriers to Ukraine, the Green European politician Anton Hofreiter also called for the delivery of battle tanks. “I would like, as the main manufacturing country of Leopard 2, that we start a European initiative for the delivery of Leopard 2 and together with Europe see what we can deliver to Ukraine so that they can liberate the occupied territories,” said Hofreiter on Friday in the ARD “Morgenmagazin”.

The strategy must be that Ukraine is supported with everything it needs on the battlefield and that includes a lot more. The chairman of the Bundestag European Committee dismissed the danger that Germany would become a party to the war as a result. “The clearer we support Ukraine and the clearer we signal to Putin that we will not let up with this support, the higher the chance that this war will end,” said the Green politician.

Hofreiter described the decision to deliver several dozen Marder infantry fighting vehicles as “very, very late”. “If these tanks had been delivered earlier, fewer Ukrainian soldiers would have died. You have to say that very clearly, ”said the Green politician.

Germany and the USA want to supply Ukraine with armored personnel carriers for the fight against the Russian attackers for the first time. The US wants to provide Bradley tanks. In addition to Marder tanks, Germany also wants to provide a Patriot anti-aircraft battery for air defense.