Today, the major show in Las Vegas, the main character of which is not lost even a single battle American semi-easily weight Shakur Stevenson, actually resumes interrupted by the pandemic season in professional Boxing. The first promoter, decides to organize notable fights in a difficult period, turned out to be Bob Arum.It will actually return “doublet”. In fact, we all know that Boxing show held at the weekend. But these two are special, symbolizing the restart after a three-month pause will be held at the MGM Grand Conference Center in mid-week, one after the other on Tuesday and Thursday. And before them ESPN broadcasting the fights, of course, told dramatic stories of some of their participants.Promising heavyweight Jared Anderson (he began his professional career with three consecutive knockout wins to his 20 years has worked as a sparring partner of Tyson fury, the champion of the world Boxing Council (WBC)), who today have to fight with johnny Langston, said that in the first month of quarantine was just sitting at home: all the gyms nearby were closed. And then suddenly there was a neighbor who offered Anderson to do in his garage — where he equipped the “rocking chair”. Otherwise, the heavyweight hardly have time to get in shape… Anderson seems not believe it myself when he called and offered to come to Houston, where he organized a training camp for invited participants of the June show. And making sure that the person is not lying, instantly Packed.Jessie Magdaleno, the headliner for the second show (he meets Yenifel Vicente), recently owned the title of world champion in category to 55.2 kg, and now going to conquer the following weight — 57.2 kg, favors from nature and neighbors did not wait, personally converted your garage into a gym bag, stands for the press, by gum: “Yes, it has everything that I usually use in training”.The saddest of stories — the story of Michaela Mayer. The young lady who won a dozen starting fights in the pros, going to take off, was supposed to strengthen the reputation in the game with Helen Joseph. It has already passed through thorns of a quarantine, training camps with its tough security regulations. And then, when the fight was already on the nose, last week learned that the test for coronavirus was positive. So, there will be no fight… Mayer before the test was to complete “warming up” the Tuesday show. Instead, it concludes Anderson, and after heavyweights will step into the ring of people, in fact, restart and “spin”.Shakur Stevenson — Boxing is the next hope for America. He is 22 years old. Behind cool Amateur career with a silver in the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, with a series of 13 wins from the professionals that brought the champion title in weight to 57,2 kilograms. However, withcase against Stevenson in the category special attention is not necessary, because the heavier it is quite rapidly and soon probably will turn from semi-easily weight of and weight, and then, apparently, and Welterweight.Americans don’t need to explain on whose career it looks like. On the career of the richest and most invincible boxer not only of this century but also in history — Floyd Maywether. ESPN, announcing the fight, Shakur Stevenson with Puerto Rican Felix carabayllo, by the way, did not hesitate to call him “the new Meyuezerom”. However, while often the opposite of such comparisons still put just in case the question mark.And more often before these show mentioned the name of the person initiating the return of Boxing much earlier than, for example, the professional gaming League. Dare is one of the most influential American promoters — Top Rank head Bob Arum, who also complained of destiny. That the minutes of the resumption, all the draconian security measures had to agree on “for months”. That testing for each tournament costs $25 thousand, and empty stands, of course, exclude a large part of income. Bob Arum predicted that at least a limited audience (something that has made football Russian Premier League) will be allowed on show until September. And up to this point have to endure.Curious about what colleagues Bob Arum, who compared him restart a little little bit late. After Top Rank — in the middle of July to conduct their show intends to resume company Premier Boxing Champions, and scheduled for July 25 tournament company Matchroom Boxing.Alex Armor