as is The Belgian professional clubs have to decide today, or after June 30, you can still play football in. The post the season in 2019-20 in exceptional cases at the beginning of August to take it, but it’s not very likely that the majority of the clubs after June 30, would continue to do so.

SEE ALSO. of the post and allows the possibility for national competitions, prior to August 3, to round up, the Champions League is suspended.

now, The European football association, UEFA recommends that the national competitions, at the latest on June 30 of the current football season to finish. It is a recommendation, not a requirement for participants in European competitions should only be on the 3rd of August, at the CHAMPIONS competition. In the regular years, and that by mid-July. This is to say that the countries in this year’s national competition until the 3rd of August and can last. This is mostly a concession to the united kingdom, Germany, France, and Spain, which are losing billions of dollars is to be predicted, and if the current competition is not able to finish, partly due to the claims that the tv rights holders.


In our country that claim to be rights holders as well. Telenet is imminent, it is the last tranche of € 20 million from the current tv contract does not have to pay for the Belgian competition, and now it is being shut down. There is, in the meantime, the contact between the Pro-League, a collection of professional clubs, the tv rights holders.

As a consequence of this is, today, the board of directors of the Pro League, the following proposal is presented: if, on may 4, the sessions can be resumed, and, in the beginning of June, games are played, the game Play is off and 1 is finished. 7, 8, 9, and 10 of the Jupiler Pro League would be PO2 to finish it in a SMALL series of semi-finals and a final. Up for the cup final, and the nursery promotion trial for OH Leuven-Beerschot has not yet fixed the date.
Beerschot won the first leg at the Leuven 1-0. Photo: BELGA

It would, however, mean that the PO1 in the July calendar. This will be a very tough nut to crack, because, after June 30, continue to play, a majority of 80% is required. In addition, at the last meeting decided not to after 30 June and continue to do so. Tentatively seem to be the only Anderlecht and royal Antwerp, is prone to be in July again. Only last week asked for 19 of the 24 sports clubs in italy and for an immediate halt to, and in a competition with 18 clubs, without any of the play-offs next season. “In order to be a financial slaughter to occur”, what it sounds like. Waasland-Beveren (belgium) and made his players yesterday, technically, unemployed. In addition, it is not certain that the coronacrisis at the beginning of June is already behind us.

Charleroi, Standard, RC Genk and joined in with the 19 hijackers. Charleroi-Standard have been adjusted. At the meeting, as Genk’s chairman, Peter Croonen, chairman of the Pro League has no say in the matter. To play soccer in July, so it will be impossible. If it is still in June, will be resumed, it will be for a PO1 with a different solution should be sought.


At the international level, see the national coach, Roberto Martinez says his plans fall apart. There will be no training duels at the beginning of June. The Red Devils will mean that they will not re-do on the 5th of september, in Denmark, in the Nations League. The last kwalificatieduels for the european football CHAMPIONSHIP in 2021 is postponed for september, and the european football CHAMPIONSHIPS for the women’s move it to 2022. The Red Flames will play their first euro cup international match on 18 september against France.

as for The rest of the uefa Champions League and the Europa League, has also been postponed until further notice. The final may possibly, in July, to be finished as well.

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