The tank discount in Germany is here. However, petrol is far from being significantly cheaper at all petrol stations. The price differences between individual gas stations is dramatically high. We tell you the quickest way to find out where you can refuel the cheapest.

Fuel prices have been at a record high for three months. But a relaxation at the gas stations is in sight, despite the tank discount. This is accompanied by many uncertainties: The ADAC even warns against driving to the gas station right at the start of the discount. There could be a rush in the first days of June. There could also be a shortage of fuel at individual gas stations.

But nobody knows for sure how the first discount days will go. It’s definitely a good idea not to have the tank completely empty now. You should also monitor the situation closely. It’s more important than ever to find the best price for fuel: time of day and choice of gas station have a major impact on fuel prices. With the right tank app, you are always in the picture and always fill up at the currently lowest price. We present our favorite apps for cheaper refueling below.

The Clever Tanken app for Android and iOS provides up-to-date information about the gas stations in your area – here you can download it securely via CHIP. In the application, you can choose between all the usual fuels or charging stations and enter a “desired price” for filling up. Clever Tanken then informs you of the current low price in your area via push notification.

With the “Price development” function, the app tries to suggest the best possible time to refuel. This information is based on collected data on the prices of individual gas stations. Thanks to a cooperation with HEM gas stations, you get a low price guarantee – show the screenshot of the lower price at another gas station to get this price at a HEM branch as well.

The ADAC also offers a suitable app that displays the prices of nearby gas stations. The market transparency office for fuels also provides the prices here. The free download of “ADAC fuel prices” and more information is also available from CHIP. The advantage: The application also shows the best route to the gas station, regardless of whether you are a pedestrian, a car driver or a motorcyclist.

The “More Tanken” app goes one step further and relies on its users, who can also report the latest price updates themselves. Just try the app out with the free download from CHIP. The application is particularly exciting for drivers of electric cars, as it also lists several thousand charging stations. You can even easily compare hydrogen filling stations with it.

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