Valerie Bergeron and Marc André Coutu bought a townhouse in need of a lot of love in downtown Montreal in 2015. They prepared for its complete renovation, over the following year, by working with a real estate agency. renowned architecture. The work having been expensive, they took the time to breathe and clarify their vision before transforming their yard with the same attention to detail.

The challenge was daunting since the land is only 18.5 ft (5.6 m) wide by 19.5 ft (5.8 m) deep. “The yard faces southwest,” says Valerie Bergeron. Our garden is so shallow that we are sheltered from the wind. In April, we are outside in t-shirts. And we are well into November. But in July and August it is very hot. »

Their trip to Greece in 2019 was the spark plug.

“On the cliffs, I saw houses with micro-pools and I thought we could do that,” says the owner, who grew up in Sainte-Foy, a suburb of Quebec, in a house with a garden. and a swimming pool. “Upon returning, I did an exhaustive search on the internet to see what was possible. We didn’t want a spa with rounded shapes. The fiberglass shells, from swimming pool manufacturers, did not correspond to what we were looking for either. We wanted it to be a continuation of the house, which is modern. We ended up finding a company in Charlevoix that makes custom water basins for different establishments. As she does not do business with individuals, we started looking for a firm to court. »

Landscaping designed by the company Réflex Paysage caught the attention of the owners, both engineers. Being established in Chicoutimi, the firm entrusts the execution of the work to certain partners, outside its radius of activity, including Éco-Verdure, in the Montreal region.

Marc André Coutu was won over by the company’s portfolio. “There were beautiful courtyards that were simple, architectural, classic and timeless,” he says. It was what we were looking for. We liked the team and their transparent approach. They were very clear with us that it would not be a low cost project if we were talking about a custom hot tub. We were asked a lot of questions to find out what we wanted. We said yes to flower boxes with integrated watering, to a retractable awning with a remote control, to integrated lighting. »

“We knew it would be very expensive,” adds his wife. But we are in downtown Montreal, we have only one car and we have invested a lot in the house. Cedrik, our 17 year old boy, is still with us for a few more years. We are not moving. »

Anticipating delays, the owners ordered the stainless steel whirlpool tub six months in advance. Despite their experience in project management, they preferred to rely on Réflex Paysage to coordinate everything. The basin, delivered two weeks later than expected, delayed the completion of the work accordingly. The budget was respected and the owners are satisfied with the result. “It’s very consistent in terms of colors and textures,” says Marc André Coutu. The materials on the outside echo what’s inside, in shades of gray and white. »

The project, entitled Au carré, won the first prize at the provincial level in the Avant-garde category, at the last gala of the Association of Professional Landscapers of Quebec. This did not surprise Ms. Bergeron. “The result is impressive,” she says. People who come to us cannot believe how much we have optimized the yard. »

Two comfortable armchairs, a sofa and a gas fireplace are installed on the terrace. “We wanted a place to relax and read,” she says. We enjoy it all day. »

And the famous whirlpool tub? The three members of the family benefit from it in their own way, alone, as a couple or in good company. “Land in town is expensive,” notes Ms. Bergeron. It is worth using them to their full potential. »

Duration of work: 8 weeks, from the beginning of May to the end of June 2022

First official steps: summer 2021

Essential: let the courtyard be the continuity of the house, in a modern style

Another must: have a pool of water with straight lines

Cost of custom made stainless steel whirlpool tub: approximately $40,000

Total cost: $156,000

Design and management: René Jean, design director and founder of Réflex Paysage

Achievement: Eco-Greenery