After waiting an hour and a half in a traffic jam for free mozarellaost from Gorm’s had His Gundelach Hellman, along with her boyfriend and their one-year daughter disappointed turn the carriage – without free ost.

“I think it was really poorly planned. You should have given the numbers out, so you had more control of it.”

How does it sound on Saturday afternoon from the 23-year-old Frederikke Gundelach Hellman, who otherwise had looked forward to the free mozzarella cheese, grilled as pizzakæden Gorm’s to avoid food waste had promised out to people who came by on Saturday, between the hours of 14 and 16 in Herlev.

On Facebook had Gorm’s written, that if you came by car, could you roll the window down when it was your turn and get delivered one to two boxes of cheese to deliver – both so that they could avoid physical contact and to get the whole thing to slide fast.

And quickly, it could well be that it slipped. But it slid in each case, directly over His Gundelach Hellmans car, she says.

“the People on the bikes continued to run past and overtake us in the queue, and suddenly you could see that people got out of the cars and went up at, also visit us,” says the 23-year-old mother from Ballerup, denmark, and continues:

“My gf asked if we should do the same, and then I said that I did not want to. I think not, after all, that one must jump over.”

in Addition, tell us the somewhat disappointed Frederikke Gundelach Hellmann, that they even kept in the queue right in the middle of a traffic light, which meant you constantly had to keep a red light, while cars from the other roads came and ran in front of them.

From the car she and her boyfriend also watch the many walking people trudge past them in stride flows.

“the Police had apparently said that people should park their cars and walk up there. And others of us who was further ahead in the queue, had not been given anything to know, so that those who were behind us got in front of us,” she says.

And it was not much better by the fact that they came back with armfuls of fresh cheese.

“so several individuals coming towards us with four boxes each, and we thought, ‘this can’t be true’. We had five cars, as it was sold out,” she says and points out that Gorm’s had written that there were at most two boxes to each person.

It was a total 12.672 bags that were raffled off free of charge to people of Gorm’s main building in Herlev, and it was like the starting point is a good initiative, believes His Gundelach Hellmann.

“I think it is cool to avoid food waste, so it is great fat that they do such a thing. They should do just the same as, for example, Kvickly, where you get a number,” says the 23-year-old mother, and continues:

“I feel good vexed that we have not got any cheese. And that people can be so selfish to take so many boxes.”

But despite the disappointment and the wasted time in a gridlock in Herlev will be lørdagsplanerne not changed in the small family in Ballerup:

“We buy some mozzarella yourself and make the pizza anyway. It tastes just a little better when it’s free, you know?”

B. T. have tried to get a comment from Gorm’s without luck.