Almost everyone has had a cell phone call from an unknown number. The question always arises: Do you answer or do you ignore the constant ringing? It could be important!

The disappointment is often great: something is advertised or you are asked to take part in a survey. In the worst case, real scammers are at the other end.

You can save yourself this uncertainty in the future. In cooperation with the service provider Tellows, CHIP offers you a unique call protection, thanks to which you can recognize the telephone terror beforehand.

The CHIP call protection is about knowing who is on the other end. Of course there are thousands of different phone numbers that could call there – but in fact individual companies are responsible for a large part of the telephone terror. You can integrate these top 75 numbers into your contact list with our download.

Don’t worry, no individual entries are created that clutter up your phone book. Only an entry called “CHIP call protection” is added. If one of the numbers then calls you, you will know immediately who it is from the identification.

In order to install the free call protection quickly, it is best to call up the download page at directly via your smartphone.

You will then find the new contact in the phone book. If someone calls you, you will see the name of the company and behind it a category such as “aggressive advertising”, “raffle” or “opinion research”.

Note: The list of the CHIP do not disturb is always updated. If you run the download again on iOS, the old contact must first be removed from the phone book.