Everyone needs to know about it. From the needle to the thread. How to Marc Coucke-KV Oostende in 2018, were sold to Peter There, who is barely able to pay, and what are the bizarre structures, then, are the set-up. Present UNTIL chairman Frank Dierckens was silent no more. He tolerated no longer, that Coucke is now “a good sale” on UNTIL the American T it blocks the the bankruptcy is killing herself for apparently, as with the billionaire, this intolerable situation is itself created. “It’s about time Coucke have to take responsibility.”

The Geril.

Frank Dierckens thought about it for a couple of days to think about it, but in the end, the UNTIL-president, a pm is on the line. “I want to open a map and play it,” he says. “Once all of this is fair to bring to the table, as the fans need to know UNTIL this well is up to no good. Marc Coucke is on the basis of 90% of our problems.”

this is a strong assumption.

“Look, I have to agree with the Us-based Pacific Media Group for the acquisition of KV Oostende. Everything is ready to increase the share capital budgets, a top level…and The only thing that’s missing is having to deal with Alychlo, the investment company of Marc Coucke, about 6.2 million euros of debt, and the annual tribunehuur of 1.2 million people. Unfortunately, it will Coucke will not be around the table to sit while in T actually, the boss wants to talk to. Why does he always have Peter Bourgeois, < / I> (son of the MEN-the politician, Geert Bourgeois, ed.) to deal with? Why chase he is the Americans are gone?”

T want to Coucke, which 6.2 million is non-refundable.

“I will not say what is now on the table. T wants a 1 million pay out to Alychlo. Up to 2030 at the same time, they provide a yearly tribunehuur of eur 750,000 and for the next 40 years, then a further 600,000 euros per year). Coucke will be so for another 50 years, the money collected from KV Oostende. This is a good deal, because the price is really too high. But, to Alychlo, it is not enough. They will return during the on-going negotiations for a certified or registered letter advising them that, with 6.2 million of direct reclaim. Saw this T as a declaration of war. That is the bankruptcy for the emit, as they are also wondering just how legitimate which is with 6.2 million euros in debt.”

will Explain.

“We’re going back in time. Marc Coucke was shivering because he had no suitable buyer was found for KV Oostende as he did, Anderlecht had just bought. Peter, There is it when in a hurry for a deal on a couple of A4 sheets of paper. Suppose that, for a moment, ” hey. My contract is with T now has 60 pages. Coucke departed, and UNTIL it remained a high-cost structure, and a mountain of debt to the real estate market. With the agreement in 2018, the state of the UNTIL marked. ”

We are told that There, but at 500,000 euros-paid to the club.

“Some of the nuances. Marc Coucke, asked for 15 million UNTIL. There was a 1.5-million-effective to pay the remaining € 13.5 million would be for Marc to recover through a variety of structures, an increase in the tribunehuur, using the money from the transfers that he claimed… it’s All on the cover, UNTIL, and while he’s had a lot of sponsors, and took them to the Neighbourhoods. Finally, I assisted Peter, There have been 1.5 million, to be repaid in the first instance, 10 per cent of its shares to buy.”

will Eventually just bought the whole club and took Us there is still a profit as well.

“No, my investment was, UNTIL now, been bankrupt, but it was very naive. I went out to the club to save it, but it felt hard to admit. The CEO, Patrick Orlans claimed that ” we are, however, the money went in, but that didn’t happen, and it took me a year to get its cost structure in order. We kuisten a lot, but for the requirements of Coucke, are, of course, there is still time.”

Coucke said that he was not responsible for the policies of the last two years.

“I have to say that we are working with Hugo Broos as athletic director and, sometimes, even too much to pay for some of the players, but that is peanuts in comparison to the past. It makes me very, very angry. They need to get the fault in someone else’s shoes to slide, as KV Oostende at the bottom. We could go on and on about the history of the policy, you know.”

Anderlecht, claiming that it was you a couple of million to pay for Milic, Musona and Nkaka).

With his departure, an estimated Coucke, their total value to 9 to 10 million euros, but Anderlecht did it wrong. All of this was included in the deal with the Us, but on our bill was less than half of that amount of money for one of our best players. On the contrary, Coucke told contract is still the financial drives of a / r UNTIL the transfers, such as Lukaku, Marusic, El Ghanassy, and Cyriac. Together account for 4 million of them.”

to clubs such as Lazio, who are not directly Coucke deposit. They found that the Third-Party Ownership.

“You’re well-informed. For the money, and was, therefore, to Ostend, to transfer and we had to do the transferring. Please note that UNTIL then was also faced with a huge brokerage fees on such transfers. There was thus some debate about this. How legitimate is all of that? Then again, it appeared that Anderlecht were the promises of Milic, and Musona does not comply with our wishes, was Peter, There is already decided that the amounts due to the depositors.”

What are the next thing that is expected of you by Marc Coucke?

“to the Left and to the right, and rightly so, that Alychlo to an agreement with other investors. And the billionaire by Crystal Palace, which will be again referred to, as to Alychlo to be with him and may have to have better stuff. Just noticed I’m the man that never yet, and I already have a bid for me. But I will say one thing for sure: I am a holder of 100 per cent of the shares, and I decide to whom I’m selling? This is the party that is best for you, with UNTIL. T is aimed at younger players, both in Belgium and in the neighbouring countries, but they also have a healthy view on youth groups. They would have UNTIL their own identity is maintained.”

You want to particularly own chairman to continue.

“That’s not the main reason. It is just nice and that I can be in this case, self-chairman of the keep, because-KV Oostende is a really bad club, which is now. And it’s certainly not up to the owner of the stand, in order to decide who the club should buy. If UNTIL the past is real, the club of his heart, and then take the Marc Coucke is now his responsibility and he accepted that the “fair” deal with the MPG. If not, we will take action against the license of the Neighbourhoods.”

have The license of Anderlecht contest?

“There is now plenty of proof that Marc Coucke, as the president of Anderlecht), still has a decisive influence on the KV Oostende. He is actively ongoing in our household, and the fate of the UNTIL depends on its signature. He’s the club’s release. In the interest of the KVO and of the Neighbourhoods.”

You guys are really sick, huh?

“an end to the games. There is a great deal on the table that would be acceptable to all the parties involved. We are all ready for the license, the operation can be done, the contract, and T is in weeks is plotted. The only that’s missing is the signature of Marc Coucke. If it is UNTIL ready to be licensed on the 1st of april. I do hope, Marc, sincerely, understand that this is a right thing to do. In a deal that will ensure that weireldploegsje will continue to exist, and that he is fully focused on Anderlecht.”
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