In mid-July, YouTube-blogger Svyatoslav Kovalenko near the house a large gathering of people beat a crowd of Chechens, headed by another blogger Zelimkhan by Selimkhanova. Conflict Kovalenko and Selimkhanova originated online and spilled over into real life. Well, the Renaissance of the 1990s, has come to YouTube. In the disassembly of bloggers come down to physical violence, had to intervene Caucasian officials. Who are Zelimkhanov and Kovalenko, that they are not shared, what does “protection” YouTube — in the material “”

the “the Crowd at one of the Russian!”

12 Jul channel Russian blogger Svyatoslav Kovalenko went in the movie, which the author in turn was beaten by several people. One of the attackers was a blogger Zelimkhan Zelimkhanov — he came to Strelka in Moscow together with four friends. As soon as the Chechens got out of the car, they immediately got into a fight with Kovalenko. The man is a loner, despite the numerical advantage of the enemy, fought to the last and even strongly provoked opponents.

After about fifteen minutes Kovalenko knocked to the ground and began to beat on the head. Then, in the case tried to intervene passers-by threatened to call the police. The Chechens released the blogger and let him get up, but just beaten man immediately jumped up and lashed out at the offenders again, so the beating continued.

The Chechens tried to calm the boy, because by that time around was already a crowd of people who observed the unequal fight. Friends Zelimkhan repeatedly took Kovalenko aside and asked him to leave willingly, but he only deduced opponents mad with his cries of “I’m Russian!”

“I’m not leaving here, ***. Will not go away! Kill me *** here,” — furiously shouted Kovalenko after the next batch of shots to the face.

Passers-by seemed that the man was drunk, so they asked Chechens not to pay attention to the obvious provocation. But the fight continued.

The beating ended only after eight minutes, when Zelimkhanov and his friends finally got tired to “talk” to a restless blogger. Then they got in his car and tried to leave. But even that was not easy. Kovalenko poured over the car of the attackers with water, then threw in her bottle, and then ran to the back door and started pounding on the glass, so the passengers again went outside. Fortunately for the blogger, the latest provocation failed, and the attackers went away.

an Out of prison on YouTube: who is Svyatoslav Kovalenko

The person from Astrakhan, Svyatoslav Kovalenko started his first channel in 2018. The idea of becoming popular on YouTube appeared Kovalenko, when he was serving a sentence in a correctional colony of strict regime: at 22, he was convicted of attempted illegal sale of drugs. The young man almost completely served his sentence and was released after four years and four months. However, the guilt he still does not recognize.

“I knew that I will not justify what I five years will give, because I was a realist. I knew I was framed, and the way it is” — said Kovalenko in one of the streams.

The first movie was devoted to prison issues. Svyatoslav stood against the wall, and comment on news about Sergei Semenov, who was convicted for the rape of a schoolgirl Diana Shurygina. But the video has gathered few views, did not help even expensive advertising in groups in “Vkontakte” (Sviatoslav said that spent about 80 thousand rubles).

The situation was saved by a new format of content arose by chance. Kovalenko, along with his friend decided to make a harmless parody of foreign bloggers, and it went on the market. But there they ran over the guard and forbidden to use the camera.

“is this all the fuss about. He gave us all the shots tore, ran up the administration. I basically then turned the camera on and started to argue with them to put pressure”, — says Kovalenko.

He later posted a video on YouTube and was astonished at the great number of views achieved without additional investments.

This case determined the vector of development of the channel. Former prisoner realized that in conflict situations it is possible to quickly gain popularity. So later on the page Kovalenko appeared a lot of movies of this kind — the blogger was involved in a fierce debate with the security guards, taxi drivers, policemen, salesmen. Kovalenko itself sees himself as a fighter for justice. In one interview he said that removes commercials not only for fame: the blogger also wants to tell ordinary citizens about their rights. For example, the fact that they have no obligation to obey a COP when they ask to show documents.

For several months channel Svyatoslav gained about 300 thousand subscribers, and then the page was renamed, and then deleted all previous videos — most likely, Kovalenko sold it or gave it to their friends, and myself started a new channel called KOVALENKO. For some reason it came out quite harmless vlogs of the travel, but such content the audience took cool: video gaining a maximum of 20-30 thousand views. So blogger has returned to the proven technique — began to provoke the conflict. And the man immediately came up trumps and went to Grozny. The plan worked: the video “the CHECHENS CAUGHT SVYATOSLAV KOVALENKO IN GROZNY!” gathered almost a million views. Though actually Kovalenko just nice communicate with the Caucasians, who held him for a tour of the capital.

In addition to clashes with the guards, Kovalenko began to fight with other bloggers in the ring and communicate with professional MMA fighters. This gave him additional audience growth — new the channel almost caught up with the previous number of subscriptions.

of the Fighter for justice, or YouTube-mafia: who is Zelimkhan Zelimkhanov?

About Zelimkhan in Selimkhanova in the public domain much less information than Kovalenko. Moreover, the Chechen blogger even hid all the videos on your channel shortly after the attack on Kovalenko. However, the Caucasian over the past few years managed to get involved in several high-profile stories. A native of the Caucasus is famous for having repeatedly demanded an apology from the people for their misdeeds — for example, incorrect statements about Chechnya and the Republic’s residents.

A similar story occurred in late 2019 with a former officer of the national guard Dmitry Kuprin. In his blog he often spoke out on political topics, and once allowed himself unflattering phrase to the Chechens. The man then said that the Russian was never afraid of Caucasians.

“We Russians, you Caucasians are always on *** spit,” added a drunken national guardsman live.

After this incident, he was fired for “failure to comply with the terms of the contract”, and the Chechens wanted to personally talk to the offender. He Zelimkhan didn’t make it, but sent friends to Yekaterinburg. In the end, on the channel “Zelimkhan” was released a movie in which Kuprin drinking tea with Chechen apologizes to offended Caucasians.

“I apologize to all Chechen women, and ask everyone not to spread this is my video, in order not to produce anger in the future. Not because I’m afraid for myself — I realize this video’s already gone and you can’t stop him, I’m asking all normal people not to spread this video further,” apologized guilty Russian.

The video ended with a wise saying Zelimkhan that the Internet should not be allowed permissiveness and that democracy does not allow to insult and hurt the feelings of believers of any nationality.

Another story, which allegedly involved Zelimkhan associated with extorting money from a popular YouTube creators. In 2019 released from prison autoblogger Eric Kituashvili the (how to check engine temperature) held a press-conference in which course has told about the criminal gang led by a Chechen “liquidator scandals”.

“it Turns out that on YouTube there is a certain group of people that controls all bloggers that receive money from all bloggers receive a tribute for the right to work, which controls almost all the scandals. And if someone, somewhere, with someone DAC, they are in this situation find the right and blame. They constitute a court. And decide who is right and who is wrong, who owes who money,” he said at a press conference for the TV channel “360”.


According to autoblogger, Zelimkhan visits�� to him and even holding a gun, threatening to shoot. After that, the how to check engine temperature agreed to a conversation where he was offered the patronage of 25 million rubles. The blogger says that after refusing repeatedly faced with provocations and even contacted the police.

The how to check engine temperature also told that Zelimkhan and his friends attacked not only on him but also on other popular YouTube personalities. As an example, he cited the well-known prankster, Edward Bill. In conversation with Kituashvili the latter confirmed that he gave “a roof” about two million rubles.

“Indeed, I was threatened, I was driving, I shut off the car, threatened the family. They have lured me to some restaurant, the restaurant was threatened with a gun. I started to apologize, I did what they wanted, I gave them two million rubles,” — handed how to check engine temperature the words of his colleagues.

Rumours of the antics of Zelimkhan was indirectly confirmed by popular Russian blogger Amiran Sardarov. In his Twitter he said that a group similar to bandits of people threatening his colleagues, extorting money and beating up innocent citizens. While law enforcement authorities can not solve this problem.

“There is a statement to the police, there are victims who have hundreds of thousands of rubles under different pretexts extorted. And all this is happening openly and defiantly more than a year, and still no response,” wrote sardars in Instagram.

the Under the “mask of hypocrisy”

Both sides confirmed that the conflict has occurred from-for careless statements Kovalenko in address of the Caucasian. According to Svyatoslav, the reason was his disrespect for the Chechen blogger. He said that in one of the fresh video expressed contempt for activities of colleagues.

“I do not perceive the word Zelimkhan, it is for me zero,” — said Svyatoslav in the beginning of July.

Prior to the escalation of the conflict, the bloggers already knew each other or even spoke. For example, in February 2020 Zelimkhan starred in one of the clips Svyatoslav. However, at some point the latter realized that Zelimkhan “very well knows how to wear the mask of hypocrisy.” So a few months later, Kovalenko broke relations with former comrade.

To go on the warpath Kovalenko had after the Caucasians ridiculed it in one of the live broadcasts. Zelimkhan got a message from someone who was asked to comment on the relationship of the Russian blogger with any high-ranking person. Chechen in response, just laughed.

Himself Zelimkhan confirmed to reporters that the fight occurred on home soil because of old grudges from Kovalenko.

“We were not looking for any conflicts, people to talk to us. And all of a sudden, due to the fact that we smiled, blew a conflict. Hooked other youtubers provocateurs”, — commented on the situationYu Zelimkhanov.

He also refused to plead guilty and friends in the group beating of a Russian blogger. Chechen claims that there was a “men’s ordinary conversation”, during which Kovalenko showed “Nazi antics”. Moreover, Zelimkhan believes that Kovalenko was ready for what will be a fight, so specially prepared camera, which was filmed the conflict.

Kovalenko posted a video with his beating two days after the incident. The situation immediately caught the major media and netizens. The latter came to the defense of Russians, who boldly stood against the crowd of Chechens.

“Embarrassed them terribly, not in any way otmazatsya from this”, — wrote one of the users in the comments. “Zelya went to defend his authority, and eventually lowered himself so stupid. And he looked smarter,” added another commenter. The greatest number of likes is gathered and review in which the attackers called bearded women.

Beating the crowd caused such a strong public outcry that Kovalenko stood up even Caucasians. For example, the author of “the Diary Tsarnaev” was named Zelimkhan and his friends “devils”. The movie has collected almost 200 thousand views and 5.4 thousand likes.

“These alleged Caucasians who call themselves Caucasians, is not Caucasians. Hell, fucking hell. Devils,” said the blogger, and even left my phone number for communication in case of Zelimkhan want to talk to him.

After case spoke Amiran Sardarov, the situation was taken under control of the Minister of information and press of the Chechen Republic Akhmed Dudayev: he promised to quickly understand the problem and punish all those responsible.

Patron was and Selimkhanova. Dozens of people of different nationalities, who call themselves members of the “big family of Zelimkhan”, addressed to the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov with a request not to punish the blogger, because he is a man with a capital letter and helps a lot of people who find themselves in difficult situations during quarantine and before.

the “the Situation is out of control”

On July 13 KOVALENKO channel published a new video that should put an end to the conflict between Russian and Chechen bloggers. Assistant of the head of Chechnya, state Duma Deputy Adam Delimkhanov gathered the warring parties in the same room and forced Zelimkhan publicly apologize to beaten.

Delimkhanov said that over the two days dealt with the problem on behalf of Ramzan Kadyrov. In the end, he came to the conclusion that Zelimkhanov is really to blame, according to the official, five of them to attack one person is impossible, even if he was wrong.

Zelimkhan apologized to the Republic and, in particular, in front of Delimkhanov.

“of Course, the situation was out of control, come on emotions. I am sincere, of course, apologize that it happened, and it wasn’t supposed to happen. We are to blame for not thinking and not scared of crappy emotions. I just had, if you went to talk to him [Kovalenko] in order not to inflate the conflict”, — said Zelimkhan standing near the dining table, behind which sat the officer and Kovalenko.

Beaten Kovalenko accepted the apology of a former comrade. “Everyone has the right to be wrong. The man apologized, of course, I forgive him,” said Kovalenko, separately thanked Kadyrov and Delimkhanov for a quick response.

In the end, bloggers shook hands. The punishment for assaulting Kovalenko does not suffer: the blogger did not write a statement to the police. However, not all think this is enough. The same how to check engine temperature reminds us that Zelimkhan with friends who were beaten Kovalenko, has committed a crime: “Just imagine what he [the officer] didn’t come [after the attacks]. Or imagine this is your son. Do you have enough to be an apology? They almost killed him”.