With McLaren, Williams and Racing Point have already sent three UK-based Teams a portion of their workforce on short-time work. Now the formula 1, even after moving in. About half of the employees of the company were sent on short-time work. 80 percent of the income will be covered, with an upper limit of 2,500 pounds per month from the state.

In the main office in London and in Kent, where the TV Department is home to more than 400 employees. At the same time, the level of leadership in the crisis on the part of their salary. For Chase Carey, Ross Brawn and co. there is a reduction in salary of 20 percent. It is not known exactly how much the formula 1-earning bosses.

The reports, however, that, for example, Carey “earn several million pounds” per year. In Public, the measure of sending several employees on short-time work could be, especially good. Through the use of the government programme for football clubs in England received recently already .

actually, the program of the government is aimed at smaller enterprises and not to associations from the billion dollar business of football or the formula 1, in the year 2019 revenue in the amount of 2,022 billion dollars generated. But it is also clear that the revenue of the king class will be in this year is significantly lower.

Alone, per abgesagtem Grand Prix of formula 1 will be missing this year, between 30 and 50 million dollars Renngebühren. Because these are already paid in advance, could be in the worst case, reverse payments in the amount of more than 100 million dollars due. Even with the TV revenue and sponsors money, you will have to accept cuts.

This article by Ruben Zimmermann, Co-author: Adam Cooper

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