Hanover’s majority shareholder Martin Kind sees the handling of former chancellor Gerhard Schröder and his departure from the second division club as critical. Despite his closeness to Vladimir Putin, Schröder is “always a warm welcome” at 96. The fans distance themselves.

“In my view, you should differentiate between sport and politics. I’ll say it openly and honestly: I reject the way the public and the parties sometimes treated him. In my view, that is not appropriate,” said Martin Kind, boss of the second division club Hannover 96, of the “Sport Bild”.

Schröder (SPD) had withdrawn from Hannover 96 at the beginning of April after the fuss about his relations with Russia. The association had examined an exclusion and justified this with Schröder’s closeness to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The parent club had already examined at the beginning of March to what extent Schröder could have violated the interests of the club because of his closeness to Putin under the impression of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine.

“I really hope and would be delighted if he would come to us again in the future. He is always welcome at 96 without any ifs or buts,” said Kind. Among other things, Borussia Dortmund and the German Football Association had withdrawn Schröder’s honorary membership.

The statements made by Hannover’s child are not well received by the 96 fans. “When as a fan you have to be ashamed of the statements made by the leadership of your favorite club,” writes a follower on Twitter.

“Can Hannover 96 please distance themselves here? Martin Kind does not speak for the club and its countless supporters, the vast majority of whom no longer want to see Mr Schröder in the stadium. Supporters of warmongers have no place in Hanover,” says another. Another user says: “I’m not sure if Kind speaks for everyone in and around Hannover 96.”

Scotland – Ukraine

06/01/2022 | 8:45 p.m