Scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand told what the weather is waiting for residents of Moscow until the end of August.

The expert urged Muscovites to enjoy the last warm and Sunny day because on the 11th of August the average daily temperature will fall, will begin a protracted rains.

Today the Muscovites should be enjoyed in full. The background temperature is very good — 25 to 27 degrees. Cloudy. Even if there is rain, it’s not everywhere. It’s not terrible, not boring, annoying rain, — the “Moscow 24” forecaster.

From 11 August, the weather will begin to deteriorate due to the fact that to the East of Moscow is well-defined cyclone, and to the West of the anticyclone. In such a situation is formed by the convergence zone, which will lead to a drop in air temperature by 3-4 degrees. According to Vilfand, the cold will continue on 12 August — the temperature background will be below the average on 4 degrees. This situation will not last long, it is possible that before the middle of next week.

Weather forecast next week and a half will be more in line with the middle of September. The expected heavy fog, rain, wind.

Scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center believes that the warming is probably closer to the twentieth of August. In his opinion, the approach of the temperature to normal in 18-23 degrees is not expected until August 19-20. However, calculations show that the temperature increase can already be seen next week, but it will be very small. Only the background temperature approaches its normal, but will stop the rains. In the last of August, the weather will be Sunny and without rain.

Earlier, the chief specialist of the Moscow weather Bureau Tatyana Pozdnyakova said that August 10 will be the warmest day of the week. The maximum temperature will reach 27 degrees. In the second half of the day can be precipitation no more than 1 mm wrote