the city contact centre has developed for the hot line operators unified dispatch center (CDC). Such a framework allows to make faster and better process handling, and also provides operators tips for consulting citizens.

According to him, the program is still working in test mode, it uses half of the hot line operators unified control center.

In interactive knowledge base, composed by specialists, are already around which are grouped into 44 topics and 23 categories. For more details on the types of requests inside the system uses a classifier on such themes as “Improvement”, “Plumber”, “Electrician”, “heating” and others. For example, the category “lifts” contains 16 detailed articles on 36 types of possible defects. Data in the system is constantly replenished and updated.

the Operator is sufficient to enter just a few words for the query. The system will find the appropriate answer or will tell you what additional questions to ask the interlocutor to understand the situation, and depending on the received information will offer several scenarios of further dialogue.

for Example, CDC may be accessed by a resident with a complaint of inadequate heating of the battery, the lack of water in the bathroom, the failure of the lift or intercom. The operator should enter the query “battery cold”, “stuck in the Elevator” or “no water”, and the system will offer him answers depending on the situation. Perhaps to solve enough to handle mounted on the battery temperature controllers, to open the valve for water or to press the button to call a Manager and wait for the master of Elevator equipment. The operator selects the certificate that is most appropriate in a particular case or to clarify the details.

“a New interactive system provides remote work option specialists citywide call center. It helps to increase the level of safety of employees in the period in Moscow restrictions related to the prevention and suppression of coronavirus infection, and, if necessary, to transfer part of the operators in the remote operation mode”, — said the head of product “a city-wide contact center” of the Department of information technology of Moscow Andrey Savitsky.

to Contact the dispatch center Moscow residents can call: +7 (495) 539-53-53 or via the mobile application “public Services of Moscow”. It is available in the App Store and Google Play. Going into the application, select the section “Unified dispatch center” and click on the ” + ” button. This will open the window apply, select the category and specify the type of the defect, then click on the “Next” button and enter the address. Appeal register �� will be in work within a few minutes. The application can track the status of the request execution.

the city contact centre has been operating since 2011. It takes from Muscovites more than three million hits per month. Almost 90 percent of the applications is popular among the citizens hot line: a single reference service of Moscow (+7 (495) 777-77-77), the unified dispatch center (+7 (495) 539-53-53), a single service appointment to the doctor (+7 (495) 539-30-00), contact centre “Moscow transport” (+7 (495) 539-54-54), technical support of the portal of state services (+7 (495) 539-55-55) and a hotline for registration of indications of individual devices of the account of consumed water (+7 (495) 539-25-25).