Liverpool have had their ears in the machine.

The English topklub announced last week that aimed to send its employees home with 80 per cent. salary from the state.

Liverpool would therefore be required to pay 20 per cent. themselves, which is a part of a financial aid package, which the uk government has piled on the legs in connection with the coronavirus.

Monday turned Liverpool so in a big u-turn and apologized. According to Liverpool legend Jan more details, the decision is correct. The he says to TV3 Sport.

“It is 100 per cent. the right. I was really surprised when I heard the news, they had chosen to exploit the situation. By all tv and radio stations and newspapers… You could feel that everyone had an opinion about Liverpool’s decision, and that it was only a matter of time before they would change.”

Liverpool’s director Peter Moore said Monday following on the club’s u-turn.

“We believe that we came to the wrong conclusion last week, when we announced that we would apply for funding from the scheme, and we are very sorry,” says Moore in a statement on the website.

Both the fans and the previous wrinkled on the nose over a millionklub that Liverpool would seek funding from the state, while the others also stand in difficult situations as a result of the corona virus.

You can see the entire interview with Jan more details at the top of the article .