For all residents and guests of Moscow from March 30 imposed quarantine

1. Starting with a March 30 home mode isolation is introduced to all Moscow residents regardless of age.

to Leave the apartment is permitted only in the following cases:

– apply for emergency (urgent) medical assistance and other direct threats to life and health

– travel to work, if you have to go to work,

– shopping at the nearest running store or pharmacy,

– walking Pets at a distance not exceeding 100 meters from the place of residence (stay),

– the need to take out the trash.

And in the coming days – following the technical and organizational measures – would be to go with a special pass, issued in the procedure established by the government of Moscow.

the Moscow Authorities to impose punishment for violators of the isolation mode

In the next week will deploy smart system of control of compliance with home treatment and established rules of movement of citizens. Slowly but surely, we will strengthen the necessary control.

this home does not restrict the rights of citizens to come to the city or to leave Moscow. It is only that you can not without a good reason to move around the city.

2. Being on the streets, in shops, on transport and in other public places, citizens are required to comply with a social distancing from other people not less than 1.5 metres (social distance). Except only a taxi ride.

Shops, pharmacies and any other organizations that are located or working people who are obliged to comply with social distance, including to apply a special layout and set the mode of admission and stay in the buildings and the adjacent territory.

in addition, the decree introduces the following additional measures to ensure compliance with social distance and social support of Muscovites in the conditions of high alert.

3. Muscovites with mild currents COVID-2019 are note under medical supervision at home.

For the appointment of doctors they will receive free antiviral drugs. As prevention free anti-virus medications will receive the doctors and other professionals involved in preventing the spread of a new coronavirus infection.

the Kremlin has supported the introduction in Moscow of the new restrictions for coronavirus

the Delivery of free drugs will be carried out by ambulance, employees of clinics or volunteers.

4. the citizens have not lost money on their travel, the decision about prolongation of period of validity of tickets of passengers, who will fulfil the requirement of the home mode and from 30 March to 5 April will not make any trips on public transport.

Previously suspended student and school passes will be extended for a month or more since the end of high alert.

5. it is Obvious that in the current difficult situation, unfortunately, many people will lose their jobs. To help them, will develop a specific set of support measures.

as a first step, introduced a regional compensation payment to the unemployed. The total size of the unemployment benefit (scholarship) and the new payments will be 19 500 rubles per month.

Payment will be assigned automatically, without statements.

Photo: Stanislav Krasilnikov/TASS the suburbs imposes additional limitations due to the coronavirus

– Enter today’s action absolutely necessary. But the effectiveness of these measures to curb the spread of this infection depends on the behavior of each of us. Protect yourself and your neighbors. Please stay home, asked Sergei Sobyanin to Moscow.

Similar measures are introduced and in the suburbs. By decree of the lipsof General of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov they take effect March 30.