Cycling is one of the most popular leisure activities in Germany, especially in summer. A good and comfortable bicycle saddle can make this experience even more beneficial for you. We therefore show you the most popular unisex bicycle saddles, which do not necessarily have to cost a lot.

Riding a bike to work more often is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions in this country. But an uncomfortable, hard saddle keeps many people from implementing their plans. So that you can cycle to work comfortably and ergonomically in the future, we present the currently most comfortable and cheapest unisex bicycle saddles in the following table.

You get what is probably the best price-performance ratio with the YOUNGDO bicycle saddle on Amazon. More than 8,000 customers gave the saddle, which is available in two color combinations and made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Thanks to a system with two springs and a breathable surface, the Amazon favorite offers a lot of comfort and a pleasant ride. In addition, the manufacturer promises a good adjustment of the saddle to the body of men and women. You will also receive all relevant tools and a rain-proof cover with the delivery. You can get this bicycle saddle for around 35 euros on Amazon.

Another very convincing saddle comes from DAWAY. In addition to being comfortable, this ergonomic bicycle saddle has a waterproof and bright rear light. This means that in future you will be easily recognizable on the road, even when it is raining or getting darker. You can get this unisex bicycle saddle for 35 euros on Amazon.

For this comparison, a specialist editor from our partner examined test reports from other publications as well as the most popular offers (“best sellers”) and customer opinions from online retailers. Based on this, the product selection was made. For the selection of the top devices, models with more than four stars and a reasonably high number of ratings come into question. A selection of customer reviews was read and devices were selected that, based on the professional assessment, meet the needs of the users. The products have not been tested in the CHIP test center.

All products that the CHIP test center had in the laboratory can be found in this list of the best. Products that have also been tested by our other cooperation partners can be found in the test