The German professional football longs to be back in the game. In the next few days could be made on the course.

Only the Federal government and the Prime Minister consult in Berlin on Wednesday about a possible easing of the tough restrictions in the Corona-crisis. Then an extraordinary General meeting of the members of the German football League (DFL) will decide on Friday about a possible resumption of the season with the spirit play. Germany bewegendster Corona Song: “Victoriam” – Listen, we support the good cause

We do not leave anyone alone. With the Song “Victoriam” supports the action of #corona care boards in Germany.

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The National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina recommended now, “depending on the possible spatial distance, and the contact intensity of the Participants” sporting events “to provide” again. Now the decision makers are in demand. the could arrive At whom it is particularly.

Christian Seifert (CEO, and Bureau spokesman DFL)

Over many years, Seifert was the football fans rather than that of the dealer is known of the treaties, negotiates the billion-dollar TV. In the Coronavirus crisis, the 50 is asked-Year-old suddenly as a crisis Manager in the first series. dpa/Arne Reuters Pool/Reuters Seifert Dedert/In the corona of crisis a sudden crisis Manager: DFL-Boss Christian.

the various interests of the 36 professional clubs and with the laws of the Federation and the Länder, in accordance to bring. He is a man of clear words, the last especially important was the impression of the crisis was shared by professional football counter. Over all, the health, am Seifert always stressed.

Tim Meyer (head of the Task Force on sports medicine)

The 52-Year-old is the medical Director of the Institute for sports and preventive medicine at the Saarland University and the doctor of the football team. He directs the “Task Force on sports medicine/special game mode” of the DFL. This will allow you to develop binding guidelines, which is defined according to the DFL-Boss Seifert “in Detail, the conditions under which Hygiene and prevention in the implementation of group training, team training, and in the case of the resumption of the game operation, and there – in the best possible way to ensure”.

Meyer is also Chairman of the Medical Commission of the German football Association. He is a Confidant of national coach Joachim Löw and was already in five world Championships.

Angela Merkel (Chancellor) and Jens Spahn (Federal health Minister)

No false hopes, the Motto of the Federal government is currently make. Merkel was even in the domestic quarantine and turns again and again with personal messages to the citizens. Before Easter, the 65-clarified-Year-old: For you as a Chancellor of the health system must be a top priority. Spahn profiled itself as a crisis Manager. dpa/Michael Kappeler/dpa Chancellor Angela Merkel in an interview with the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn

football is for the Federal government is currently an issue among many, and not the most urgent. First of all, it comes to no-Contact orders, schools and nurseries, corporate, protective masks. The Back-and-Forth games without an audience at the beginning of the crisis in Germany also showed that If the States want it to be different than the Federal, you are limited in the possibilities for specifications.

Prof. Lothar H. Wieler (President of the Robert Koch-Institute)

The veterinary doctor and micro-biologist head of the RKI in March 2015. On the Basis of data analyses from home and abroad, the Institute gives estimates and recommendations for the Coronavirus. The decisions – for example, to measures such as contact barrier to meet, but the policy stresses Wieler always.

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The 59-Year-old is a soccer fan. “We are in the whole of the parental family of Fans of the 1. FC Köln, since we are running and we can think,” he said at the end of March of the “Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper”. And further: “when will we be allowed back into the stadium, which depends on all of us. If all behave rationally, then we can turn the shaft maybe. The tighter we hold on to the contact barrier, the sooner we can back out there.”

Devesh Raj (CEO, Sky Deutschland)

The biggest donor, the League is headed up by a country almost Unknown, with a doctorate in physics. Only since the beginning of the year Devesh Raj as successor to Carsten Schmidt, the Chairman of the management Board of Sky Deutschland.

The Sky’s parent company, Comcast skillful Manager is open to the public kicked hardly in appearance. Prior to the original mid-March, the planned spirit round the head of the Pay-TV had promised provider but free to receive at the end of conferences.

Armin Laschet (NRW-Prime Minister)

The CDU leads politicians in NRW since June of 2017, a black-yellow government. With his suggestion, “to lead an open, transparent debate on the way out of the crisis and a roadmap in a responsible normal”, caused the 59-Year-old most recently for discussions. Just like the paper of a group of experts, which was created in behalf of the state government and proposals for the possible removal of restrictions in the Corona-crisis power. dpa/Federico Gambarini/dpabild Armin Laschet (CDU), speaks during a press conference.

As one of the first politicians fueled the hopes of the football-planner, the play of the season, at least with the “Spirit Laschet” to continue. “The League has their ideas, so that it could be the start of the end of April. The League may play in sight again. But one thing is clear: without an audience!”, he said in an RTL Interview. The importance of a consensus “of the Federal government and the Länder, however,”.

Ulrich Mäurer (Senator of interior of Bremen)

The SPD politician staged before the Corona-crisis as a major against players of the DFL. The trigger for the dispute to the additional police costs in the high-security games. After the outbreak of the pandemic, the duration of the dispute continued.

The Werder home match against Leverkusen? Said Mäurer long before the DFL. An exception approval for the training? Kept it for several days. Mind games already from may? He looks skeptical. In a “picture”-Interview Mäurer signalled on the weekend: “I would like to wait for the further development and in the short term to decide.”

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