The 29-year-old German-Armenian Gor H. was committed to a psychiatric ward one day after his fatal rampage at Breitscheidplatz. Some of his neighbors only knew him by sight. However, an older lady knows more to report because she has contact with the mother of the gunman, as she revealed to FOCUS Online on site.

Anyone standing in front of the gunman’s house one day after the new deadly rampage on Berlin’s Breitscheidplatz can hardly imagine what was going on the day before here in Charlottenburg North directly at the Volkspark Jungfernheide.

A heavily armed special task force of the Berlin police with submachine guns at the ready in olive-colored uniforms stormed the inconspicuous and idyllically situated multi-family terraced house in the countryside and rammed open the apartment door of the 29-year-old German-Armenian. Then the rooms on the top 4th floor were turned upside down in search of clues.

And even on the 4th floor, only a heavy lock temporarily attached to the door and frame and a few longitudinal splinters on the inside edge of the door frame bear witness to the unusual use of the day before. None of the residents answer the bell, and the majority doesn’t seem to be at home anyway.

While the man lives on one of the lower floors, a woman of about the same age with blond hair, who also leaves the house half an hour later, lives on the 4th floor directly opposite Gor H. He lived there with his mother and sister. But she can’t tell anything special either. “My room even borders directly on the family apartment. I say hello with my mother when we see each other. But that’s all,” said the neighbor. You never noticed anything out of the ordinary about the family.

She only had more contact with her mother. “We talk more often. She once told me that her son takes pills because he has problems,” said the lady. And the police operation was not that surprising for her. “Police officers were always here because he had done something.”

On the one hand, Gor H. is known to the security authorities for various petty crimes. In the past, there have been investigations against the 29-year-old for assault, trespassing and insult. On the other hand, various medications were seized during the house search. The police had previously spoken of “mental problems” in the past of the gunman.

However, it is a mystery to her what Gor H., who is said to have called the neighbors the “little, round man” (“it’s all just meanness”, according to the lady), could have driven this terrible act. “Maybe because he’s gone mad? I dont know. Somehow everyone is going crazy,” says the nice lady and disappears into the hallway.