The Moscow government’s Flower Jam Festival was named the best festival and won first place in the competition “Best Places and Events” according to the Russian information and entertainment Internet portal KUDAGO. This was reported to the Moscow City News Agency by the Organizing Committee of the Moscow Seasons cycle of urban street events.

“The Flower Jam Festival and the projects that decorate Moscow as part of its holding traditionally receive high marks from professionals and are very popular with Muscovites and tourists. Flower Jam is not only one of the brightest Moscow festivals, but also an example of how the work of leading landscape architects from around the world helps to change urban spaces, create unique corners of wildlife that allow you to transform the life of the capital,” the head of the Moscow Department of Trade and Services of the city Alexey Nemeryuk is quoted in the message.

It is noted that in 2021, the gardens of the Flower Jam festival gave Muscovites and guests of the city the opportunity to touch wildlife. As part of the “Flower Jam”, 12 design gardens with an area of 30 to 5.5 thousand square meters were built on the central sites of Moscow. Each of these unique projects was developed by the organizing committee of the festival. The locations were iconic sites in the center of Moscow, and the landing was supervised by the winners of the “Flower Jam” of previous years, members of the jury and the expert council.

Also, near the building of the TASS news agency, a “Garden of good News” was presented, decorated with compositions of flowering plants: host, molinias, ginnal maples, grapes, groundcover roses “Fairy”, which are distinguished by an abundance of large buds, hybrid verbena. The design of this garden was made up of mobile wooden modules, which made it possible to emphasize the brightness and volume of green spaces. The project “Urban Greenhouses” appeared on Tverskoy Boulevard: on both sides of the monument to Timiryazev there are green “greenhouses” with trees, shrubs and bright flowering plants. Near the monument to Sergei Yesenin on the same boulevard, visitors could see the garden “Blooming Architecture”. In its design, bright flowering plants and ampel forms were used: hydrangeas, roses, echinacea, lavender, cottonwoods, plectrantus, birch bark.

In addition, the blooming garden decorated the steps of the Russian State Library. The authors of the project selected plants so that they echoed the work of Fyodor Dostoevsky, whose 200th birthday was celebrated in 2021. In this garden, birch and prickly plants have united: spruce, rose and sea buckthorn. The “Garden of aquatic plants” at the entrance to the TSUM helped to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of relaxation by the water. A garden made in the form of a stylized figure �It was framed by willows, compositions of yellow bamboo, reeds, flowering cannas, thalia, as well as other flowers and plants that can be seen near the shores of the pond.

At the end of the festival, these gardens, which were built as temporary, were dismantled, and the plants from them “moved” to a permanent place of residence: more than 35 thousand trees, shrubs and perennials were planted in squares, parks, next to socially significant institutions and on house territories in different districts of Moscow. The locations for planting plants in most cases were determined by the citizens themselves, who applied to the organizing committee of the festival.