This could be a silent farewell…
Yesterday, the DFL has the League-a break of up to 30. April extended. After that, the season with the spirit play without spectators is to be played in the stands (see page 10).
Play seven professionals in front of the Club-Fans?

rise of a hero Mikael Ishak, a faint “Good-Bye”photo: dpa

The contracts of Mikael Ishak (27), Sebastian Kerk (25), Patrick Erras (25) and Felix thorn-Bush (25) run only until the summer. threatens Also the Borrow from Konstantinos Mavropanos (22/Arsenal), Philip Heise (28/Norwich) and Michael Frey (25/Fenerbahce) then.

PICTURE says, how and for whom further!

► Frey: The Swiss is the only loan player that the Club has an option to purchase. With around three million Euro, in the currently uncertain financial situation is much, much too high! The striker could only stay if he is going to be a Corona-bargain. Frey himself is not averse.

► Ishak: The long-time storm leader (31 Torbeteiligungen since 2017) was already in the Winter change-candidate, said of Paderborn and Hajduk Split. Under coach Jens Keller (49) played the Swede, as yet, not a Minute! His departure is considered to be safe.

► Mavropanos: The Club would be able to keep the Greeks happy. However, only an extension of the loan would be financially realistic. Because of Its Top performance in the FCN Jersey are also not escaped the notice of the master Association, Arsenal FC, and financial stronger clubs!