FC Bayern remains tough in poker for Robert Lewandowski (33). President Herbert Hainer (67) speaks a word of power and insists on the fulfillment of the contract.

Herbert Hainer undeterred: FC Bayern President Herbert Hainer speaks plainly and insists that world footballer Robert Lewandowski fulfill his contract in Munich until 2023: “We have always said that Robert Lewandowski has a contract with FC Bayern until June 30, 2023 . contract is contract”. He is not afraid that Lewandowski will show less performance under these circumstances, he told the “BamS” in an interview.

Short, compact, clear

“Where are we going from there?” The Bayern president is surprised at the actions of the top scorer in the Bundesliga: “Where are we going if a player can end a contract prematurely, while we as a club keep him until the last day of the have to pay for the term in full? That’s an inequality, it can’t be like that. I’m a bit surprised Robert chose the public route, I wouldn’t have done it if I were him.”

“Appreciation is not a one-way street”: Hainer appeals to the Pole: “I think he knows very well what he has at Bayern, namely a club that treats its players very well, that does everything so that they can achieve their best performance . And I have to say: Appreciation is not a one-way street! He has been with FC Bayern for a long time, has won many titles with us: the Champions League, eight times German champion, he has twice become world footballer as a Bayern player.