A little ails him currently, hay fever, betrayed coach Hansi Flick on the first video chat of the press conference of the FC Bayern on Tuesday afternoon.

There is currently a lot worse, “but it’s okay, otherwise it’s good so far,” said the 55-Year-old. In his first media talk since the extension of his contract until 2023 Flick seemed to be solved, loose and relaxed. No wonder, with the benefit of the doubt.

squad planning? Flick has a great voice

Because in terms of squad planning (“the Coronavirus is currently not a simple Situation”) and Transfers the head coach has a large say in the matter. Rarely the competence area of a Bayern Coach, the power of.

Because the negotiations on an early contract extension seem to have stalled with Keeper Manuel Neuer (34) at the moment, the Flick clearly for his goalkeeper and captain. It was clear, and the “I have already said quite clearly what I think of Manu. We’ve know each other for so long. He will make his decision, and he knows what he has at Bayern.”

Hansi Flick hopes on a New extension

The characters are like Thomas Müller (until 2023) to a whereabouts. Only the duration of the term of the new contract is a New unclear matter of negotiation. Advocate Flick: “Not only I would be happy if Manu is extended.”

David Alaba, Flick to the defense chief carried, and Thiago, the clock in the midfield, could the next be the via 2021, in addition to sign. You have taken in the last half a year of enormous developments, and real power were a carrier,” says Flick, “the Association has perceived also – and I hope that it goes in the right direction.”

And in the case of Jérôme Boateng? The Central defender is also tied to a little more than a year, he but again and again, emigration thoughts. “We will do everything possible to end the contract here, if he can stay decides to do this,” says the Trainer, “our support he’s had so far, and he will have in the future.” – Thanks to kept a distance – a strange exercise without body contact, the Bayern continue this week at the Säbener Strasse.

This article was written by Patrick Strasser

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