BBC presenter and podcaster Deborah James doesn’t know how long she has left to live. On Father’s Day in the UK, one thought is particularly sentimental.

For many years, BBC presenter Deborah James fought a valiant battle with cancer. But apparently she has lost him after all. According to the doctors, the 40-year-old only has a few weeks to live.

Today (June 19) is Father’s Day in the UK. And Deborah James takes this event as an opportunity to talk about a thought that is particularly bothering her at the moment, as she reveals in an interview with “”.

“It’s hard to think about the fact that I won’t see my son as a father,” says the mother of two, who has children Hugo and Eloise with her husband Sebastian Bowen. The 40-year-old also took the opportunity to interview speaking about her relationship with her own father, Alistair James, and recalls, “I wasn’t always a fan of telling Dad how much I love him. It’s important to say it. You never know when yours will.” could be the last chance.” Today she knows that her father is her “unsung hero” with whom she definitely wants to have “a whiskey or two”.

Deborah James also doesn’t fail to talk about her husband and father of her children, Sebastian Bowen. It is a great comfort for the presenter to know that her husband will take wonderful care of the two children after her death. “The biggest thing for me right now – I don’t know how long I have – is that the kids are going to be fine,” explains Deborah James, adding, “Seb is a great dad, he’s incredibly good with them um.” She is not worried that something could happen to the children, says the 40-year-old, who says of her husband’s fatherly love: “He loves her so much and I know that he will love her for me too, if I’m not here anymore.”

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