In Berlin, the year begins with an election campaign. On February 12, the election to the House of Representatives will be repeated there. A CDU election poster causes a stir because of a possible allusion to the rapper arrest warrant. “What criminals will soon hear more often: Arrest warrant,” reads the election poster.

On their Instagram channel, the CDU Berlin wrote under their post: “The fact that far too few criminals hear arrest warrants is not due to their taste in music. The mills of the Berlin judiciary often grind too slowly.”

The rapper himself apparently took the incident with humor. In his Instagram story he posted one of the photos with an election poster set up in Berlin. He did not comment further.

The Berliner Tagesspiegel wanted to know whether the allusion was even intended by the CDU. The party replied: “Chabos know who Wegner is.” This in turn is an allusion to the arrest warrant song “Chabos know who Babo is” and the top candidate of the Berlin CDU, Kai Wegner.

The first round of elections to the House of Representatives took place together with the Bundestag elections on September 26th. The Christian Democrats got just 18 percent. As a result, the post of governing mayor was occupied by the ex-Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Franziska Giffey. In November, however, the vote was declared invalid.

Although the EU will ban all new petrol, diesel and hybrid cars by 2035, manufacturers such as Toyota see a future for combustion engines around the world. The new VW boss, Blume, is now correcting the purely electric course of his predecessor at crucial points.

The riots on New Year’s Eve in Berlin have reached an unprecedented level. In an interview, security expert and longtime Berlin police officer Marcel Kuhlmey answers how this could happen, what conclusions the police have to draw and whether the federal capital is now a no-go area.