While speaking to the press this weekend, Joe Biden complained about vulgar signs insulting politicians, and critics have responded by amplifying the trend.

In a rambling interview in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, Biden at one point made his way from speaking about the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks to mean signs about politicians and few saw the thread that got him from one point to another. 

“What would the people who died be thinking?” Biden asked. “They think it makes sense to be doing this kinda thing where you ride down the street and see a sign that says ‘F so-and-so’?”

Many took the random rant to mean Biden had seen one or two ‘F**k Biden’ signs over the weekend. The phrase has actually become something of a small trend at live events, with crowds often chanting the phrase, seemingly in response to the president’s harsh warnings about Covid-19 and masking. 

Must have just passed a bunch of “F*** Biden” signs in PA

Since Biden’s comments spread, ‘F Biden’ has trended on Twitter, with the president practically begging for some of the takedowns as few could find reason to have sympathy for the Democrat. 

“F Biden is spreading across the country faster than the Delta Variant,” one Twitter user wrote in response to the growing trend. 

“Careful, it’ll be a federal crime by Monday,” another added. 

F Biden because he abandoned Americans in Afghanistan… because he cost that country’s women and LGBT their rights… because he has more kids in cages at the border than anyone prior… because inflation is hitting records…But please, cry more about Trump.

I don’t like the cursing, but I understand why people want to say “F*** Biden.”He’s a horrible person.

Poor baby

Others celebrated the fact that ‘F**k Biden’ signs were getting “under the skin” of the president.

??? The F Joe Biden signs are triggering him.

The F Biden signs are getting to him.

War criminal President “so and so” can’t handle criticism. Has a meltdown over signs that say F Biden. Don’t @ me with whataboutisms.

To make matters worse for the president, the phrase ‘WE LOVE TRUMP’ trended, triggering many liberals along with ‘F Biden’, with supporters of the former president sharing video of him visiting first responders on 9/11 and then later hearing the phrase chanted to him as he did live commentary for a boxing match in Florida. 

“WE LOVE TRUMP” chant erupts at Holyfield vs Belfort fightThe silent majority is getting louder

When you see “F Biden” and “We love Trump” trending at the same time…

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