At airlines in Germany, flight attendants earn an average of 36,400 euros per year. Netflix offers almost ten times that. The streaming service is recruiting staff for its private jets, and it’s willing to dig deep for it.

Netflix is ​​already reaching almost every corner of the world digitally, but sometimes those responsible for the streaming service also have to be physically present. To that end, Netflix has an aviation division that operates several private jets. This also requires staff and Netflix seems to reward that princely.

The video giant is currently looking for a flight attendant. The salary range for this is given as “commercial” $ 60,000 to $ 385,000 annual salary. That’s the equivalent of up to 355,000 euros. In addition to the basic salary, this also includes all possible bonuses. So it’s unlikely that a candidate will actually end up at the top end of this range, but it’s possible.

But even at the lower end of the range would be exceptionally high pay for flight attendants. According to the job site Stepstone, the average salary in the industry in Germany is 36,400 euros a year. Other sources cite different numbers, but the order of magnitude remains roughly the same. In the US, the average is around 57,000 euros a year – that would be just the lower end of the range that Netflix offers.

The demands on the job are no greater than in a normal airline. The flight attendants wanted would have to work primarily aboard a Gulfstream G550, of which Netflix Aviation owns several. This is a business jet that can accommodate 8 to 19 passengers and has a maximum range of 12,500 kilometers. In theory, that would be enough to fly from the main base in San Jose, California all the way to Germany on one side of the world or Hong Kong on the other.

For the most part, however, Netflix operates domestic flights for its employees. The location of the job is the headquarters of Netflix Aviation in San Jose, 70 kilometers south of Los Angeles in Silicon Valley. The scope of the job includes the normal duties of a flight attendant from cabin service to security procedures. In addition, meetings in the hangar in San Jose as well as regular weekend and holiday shifts are on the program.

Netflix has just had a horror year. With the end of the pandemic measures in the USA and the increasing competition from other streaming services, the video provider’s shares plummeted by 75 percent from October 2021 to June 2022. Since then, it has risen again by 65 percent, but is still well below the average rates of the past five years.

Recently, however, Netflix increased its growth again. In the fourth quarter of 2022, the streaming service added 7.66 million new customers, three million more than analysts had expected. This has not yet made itself felt in sales, and profits also fell slightly compared to the previous year. In addition, founder and CEO Reed Hastings announced his resignation. In 2023, Netflix wants to make $34 billion in sales and reach the level of the 2021 pandemic with a profit of $5.8 billion. A competent and well-paid flight attendant can be of great help when it comes to getting to the necessary meetings.

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