this is the short and well from Filip Wallberg, who is journalism professor and expert in digital and social media at University of Southern denmark, en B. T. asks him, how often it is done in Denmark, that a tweet receives 12,000 likes on good 24 hours.

It is exactly the case with a tweet, as the director of the national board of Health, Søren Brostrøm, yesterday, struck up on his Twitter profile.

In tweetet share the director a picture of himself with nyklippet hairstyle and writes that he has had to take barbermaskinen though, because his hair just like all the others must stay closed as a consequence of the corona-crisis.

Filip Wallberg believes that the relaxed and informal tone in Søren Brostrøms tweet is the reason why it has gone viral on Twitter.

“We see Søren Brostrøm in a new and slightly unexpected context. It is a different Søren Brostrøm, than him we have ‘learned to know’ through press conferences, interviews and the like. He breaks with the image we have constructed of him through the media,” says the expert in digital and social media, and adds:

“Suddenly, we smile together – in the distance – in the midst of the disagreements, restrictions, layoffs and more.”

Christiane Vejloe, digital trendanalytiker and director at Elektronista Media, believes the reason for the superior many likes and retweets to be found in that sundhedsdirektøren shows a more human side.

“Søren Brostrøm is a person, as you all know, who is right now. There is even in a short time become a little kultdyrkelse around him,” she says.

“There are many who are really happy for him and think he is a nice autoritetsfigur and security in a time when we all need it, and that is why I think people respond to that in this tweet shows that he is affected by the situation like any other.”

“He shows a degree know that he has cut himself quite the game poorly, and people like to see the side of him, because it is so serious, when he usually appears in the media.”

Christiane Vejloe also believe that a big part of the tweetets popularity due to the fact that people want to spread the invitation, as Søren Brostrøm comes with its tweet – to support small traders are forced to shut down as a consequence of the corona-onset.

Like Filip Warberg pointing the digital trendanalytiker that it is not exactly every day that a tweet receives 12,000 likes in such a short time in Denmark.

“as soon As there are big agendas like the one we are experiencing right now, so it happens and that people retweets, and there occurs a viral effect but the 12,000 likes is quite dramatically compared to what we usually see.

Søren Brostrøms tweet has at time of writing of 12,000 likes, 516 retweets and 415 comments.

‘Bow of deep respect. Not over your haircut. No your humble and human approach to things. You Søren, this is f*cking amazing, and we are many who love you. Oblique hair or not. From the heart thank you,’ writes a resulting among other things in a comment.