It is about buying a villa in Berlin and there is a need for clarification: Jens Spahn, former Minister of Health, bought a villa in Dahlem in the summer of 2020 together with his husband Daniel Funke. Value: 4.1M

According to research by “Spiegel” and “Zeit”, Spahn and Funke are said to have financed the villa as follows: The Sparkasse Westmünsterland, the minister’s house bank, is said to have taken over a land charge of 1.75 million euros, where he sat on the board of directors. Provincial Northwest Life Insurance stepped in for 313,000 euros. According to Spiegel, this is evident from the land register file.

It was reported from those close to Spahn that the security required for the remaining loans came from an inheritance. Husband Funke inherited from his father, who died in 2019, and the money is in Austria. Spahn and Funke would never have denied it.

Under the title “Der Schatz vom Attersee” Spiegel is now reporting that the story about the inheritance cannot be true. Research was done in the environment of Daniel Funke’s deceased father Thomas Funke, who was a teacher in Baden-Württemberg. Several interviewees assured him that Funke had no assets and had nothing to do with Austria either.

A spokesman for Spahn explained that such a thing was never said. It goes on to say: “Mr. Spahn cannot understand how this presentation came about.” But where did the money come from then? Spahn told the “Spiegel” that he had built up assets over two decades through investments (including securities, real estate).

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