The Minnesota Vikings defensive end has spoken out about his mental state after an incident that occurred in November.

Everson Griffen is the NFL player who locked himself in his house for several hours last month. He now opens up to Instagram about his mental health.

Griffen, a Minnesota Vikings player, called 911 to report an intrusion in his Minnesota home around 3 a.m. according NBC News. Griffen claimed that he discharged a weapon, but that no one was hurt. After hours of communication with his team psychologists, Griffen was finally freed from Griffen’s home and taken to a hospital. Officials confirmed that no other person was in the house.

Griffen thanked his followers and fans for their support and love on Friday’s Instagram. He also said that he has been struggling with mental health issues for some time. He also disclosed that he suffers from bipolar disorder.

Griffen wrote, “It’s true that I am bipolar,” alongside a photograph of Griffen surrounded by people. “I will embrace it, and I will advocate for mental health. It was something I had been avoiding for a while. It’s not something I regret.

Griffen stated that his struggles began when his mother died. His mother died suddenly in 2012 while Griffen was visiting her. Griffen stated that he “went to a dark place” after his mother’s death.

Griffen said, “Thought that I was great for many decades.” “I swear this time that I will do all the experts and my wife say. I love my family, and I miss my friends.

Since 2014, Griffen, a Vikings defensive end, has been married with Tiffany Brandt. They have three children together.

Griffen also missed the November game. He was erratic and showed up to games in 2018 shirtless at his teammate’s house, making remarks about people trying to harm him, and even being dressed down.

The NFL has launched an initiative to provide more mental health resources to players. In 2019, each team will have at least one psychologist or therapist on staff. Additionally, earlier in the year, the league launched a series of videos that highlighted the resources available to both players and their fans. Players and their families can also access a program of behavioral health through the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Griffen isn’t the only Vikings player who advocates for mental health. Adam Theilen, Griffen’s teammate, runs a foundation that focuses on youth mental health. Theilen explained to TODAY’s Carson Daly that teammates need to be able support each other.

Thielen stated that Thielen was unable to express how important it was to simply say, “Hey, I have some issues and I need your assistance,” at the time. We’re here now to help them.”