the portal was opened a new theme and improved functionality of the site. Muscovites became even easier to report issues, for example on a wind-thrown tree, and send suggestions regarding individual yard or a street.

to send a problem report using the form, you need to put a point on the map where the violation is detected. You can also use the search box or switch to the subway (if necessary).

In the second phase, automatically displays a list of the selected object. To find the required topic by keywords using the search bar. Fill out the form you can start with this step. If the portal is no required topic, simply click on “Not found the right theme?” and write it yourself.

Then, users are invited to report on the selected problem (application form, photo, text). You can also highlight the problem of the photo using the built-in tool (the “Pencil”icon).

users can indicate that no object in the portal or incorrect information about it. If when sending a message fails to find the object in the list offered, then you need to click on the object (for example, incorrect name of the administering organization in the house) can also through the form. The obtained data will verify and make the necessary adjustments.

On the portal “Our city” are regularly adding new topics of concern. Recently opened the theme of “low-quality contents of attics and basements” in apartment buildings. In the cellars and attics of houses usually are utilities (water supply pipe and heating of a heating system is a distribution panel Board and other equipment power supply), so the room must be kept clean and tidy.

to report poor quality the content of a basement or attic, you need to fill in a form on the portal and provide it discovered the problem. This may include damage to structural elements (cracks, holes in the wall and other), defective lighting, flooding basement, cluttering the waste, the presence of an unpleasant odor, or an open door in the room.

in the Spring of the portal have the opportunity to report problems of improper care of the greenery. For example, preventing the passage or the passage branches in yards, on roads and in parks, about the presence of Hogweed in your yard or on lawns along the road. To send a message is enough to make the photo of the violation, write additional text is optional.

you can Also control the order in the territories of institutions of health, culture, education, sports, labour and social protection of the population. On the portal “Our town” when SELåre new topics citizens can report untidy areas, the damage to the road surface and problems with the hatches. On these issues, too, it is sufficient to attach a photo of the violation (with no additional description of the problem).

From the “Active citizen” to “Electronic house”: how online projects are changing the public services Our city, a view from the inside. How does the portal

the Portal “Our city”, since 2011. During this time, with his help, decided more than four million urban problems. Electronic resource allows the public to monitor the timely and quality execution of works on repair, improvement and maintenance of municipal facilities, to report violations and to evaluate the work of institutions. Also, the citizens followed the work of the metro, the cleanliness and order in yards and parks, on construction sites and on public transport, at work clinics and even over the prices in pharmacies.

On the portal “Our city” operates a tiered system for handling complaints. For references on various topics following the Executive authorities who are responsible for correcting the violations. The solution of the question is given no more than eight working days.