It could well look like a summer in Denmark, where all the usual music festivals are not being held, as they usually do.

It is of course due to coronavirssuen, which continues to spread. Now Hornsrock music Festival has been canceled. It writes TV 2 Lorry.

That having to cancel the festival has been a tough decision. It writes the president, Søren Sandbjerg, on the festival’s website:

“It has been a very difficult and heavy decision, but with the reports coming from both Denmark and abroad ift. to be able to hold larger events, we do not believe it is realistic to continue the planning of this year’s festival.”

the Festival is normally held in Skibby, and it has been around since 2002.

this summer, should the festival have taken place from 5. to 7. June.

Soren Sandberg adds that several factors have had an influence on the decision:

“A thing is, whether the festival would be allowed to be held by the authorities, another member of the audience would come, especially if the guidelines for interaction between people there is now, would continue to apply, in whole or in part. It doesn’t sound just like the celebration it should be.”

And Hornsrock music Festival is not the only festival that has been canceled.

Thus becomes the Spot Festival in Aarhus, also not something in 2020.

But there are also music festivals, and continue planning in the hope they may play music and keep the party going for the summer.

This applies, for example, the Tinderbox in Odense and Roskilde Festival.