Eschenko made that the players can go for pay cut

Like all the players, during a pandemic coronavirus, Eschenko spends a lot of time at home, practicing individually. Despite the difficult situation, don’t despair. In an interview with “RG” Andrew spoke about why he like the style of coach Domenico Tedesco and also admitted that the players of “Spartacus” will certainly agree a pay cut for the period of the pandemic coronavirus.

Photo: Mikhail Sinitsyn/RG Players of “Spartak” extended quarantine up to may 4

What are the feelings? Lack of understanding of what will happen next, or, conversely, the hope the situation will improve in the near future?

Andrey Yeshchenko: of Course, I would like to faster it all ended and everyone was alive and well. So we, the players returned to the field and pleasing game fans. I hope it will be soon.

At what point I realized that all seriously?

Andrey Yeshchenko: how do we understand this? We have only to read the news. Yes, at first nobody thought that everything would turn out. But then, when they began to cancel flights, shut down in Europe, the whole of the city, became clear – there is something wrong.

Generally read a lot of news these days? Or prefer to leave the negative side?

Andrey Yeshchenko: Previously, with interest in reading, watching TV, but now a little cold. Still not clear what will happen. My advice is listen to doctors and do what they say. The most important thing.

Andrey Yeshchenko: My advice in these difficult times to obey the doctors and do everything they say. We will break

the World will change after the coronavirus?

Andrey Yeshchenko: Possible. Although people without this care of health. But in the future, I think medicine can make a step forward. Will be invented some new drugs that they can cure many ills.

KHL prematurely ended the season. Maybe the Premier League should take such a step?

Andrey Yeshchenko: From a sporting point of view, the season must finish. But, judging by what is happening in the world, the most important thing is to keep people healthy. View. If a pandemic will soon fall and we will resume the championship in early may, it can, and in a month to play the remaining rounds.

the Ex-President of “Bavaria” Uli Hoeness said that he imagines in the near future, transfers for 100 million euros. Football will lose money because of the coronavirus?

Andrey Yeshchenko: Hard to say right now. But prices have long been inflated. When 200 million bought one player, the same as Neymar, is not too right. Not so much to spend. Especially if the club don’t make. And it’s not fair to the other teams. Here Paris took Neymar and Mbappe. They have something to gain? Yet, rather no than Yes, because there is no competition in the French League they have. And it relaxes you.

the Ex-leader of “Spartacus” Promes has broken the quarantine, playing football with friends

In recent years increasingly talking about the idea of expanding the Premier League to 18 teams. What do you think?

Andrey Yeshchenko: Good initiative. Surely now there will be fewer bankruptcies because people have learned to save. But I believe that it is necessary to introduce a ceiling. To avoid that you for six months spent all the allocated money on transfers and were left with nothing.

Barcelona cut the salaries of the players by 70 percent. In “Spartacus” is this possible?

Andrey Yeshchenko: I Think we will negotiate and discuss the situation. So it was in 2014 when the ruble has changed dramatically. A guide approached us and we discussed all the points. Without our consent the decision had been taken. Came and explained everything. One of the players had the desire, they went forward.

And now the players are ready to hypothetically go for a pay cut?

Andrey Yeshchenko: Must go.

the Decision to extend the contract with “Spartak” came easily?

Andrey Yeshchenko: Guide and the coach was interested in me. I was all for it. Slightly dropped in salary, but I’m in “Spartacus”.

there is No feeling that you are now in “Spartacus” as a playing coach? So many young people around.

Andrey Yeshchenko: no. Just I’m older than a lot of guys have something to tell, tell. And there we have a coach who explains everything. And does so quite lucidly.

Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich / RIA Novosti the Fans called “Spartacus” the most popular club of the Europe.

it seems that the fans of “Spartacus” took Tedesco is better than the same Kononov. Why?

Andrey Yeshchenko: I find it difficult to answer this question. There’s different tastes: some people like it, when a coach behaves emotionally, some don’t. Yes, perhaps, Tedesco took a little better. Well, we have the result. Here all together. Tedesco and generally very charismatic. Interesting, and emotional, with his vision of football.

And ourselves in the future, the coach represent? Many players admit that they would not want such work. Stress, nerves…

Andrey Yeshchenko: They are a little bit disingenuous. Many former players want to stay in football. In what quality.TVE – is another matter. Somehow pointless to give so many years of football, then to BAM, and finish.

Georgy Jikia recently in conversation with us said you and Artem Rebrov very helpful to him as the captain. What is this assistance?

Andrey Yeshchenko: Artem has long been in the team. Can solve some questions for the good guys. For example, how to organize a trip to a restaurant to meet in an informal setting. As for Djikia, Yes, he communicates with us. We’re 2.5 years in “Spartacus”, and together become Champions. With such people we have our own circle of friends. With them easier to solve any questions.

In a recent interview with Jano Ananidze admitted that some of the young players of “Spartak”, in particular glushenkova, Umarova and Ignatova, do not burn the eyes. There is such a problem?

Tedesco called players who would like to see in “Spartacus”

Andrey Yeshchenko: Here are all individually. But what most young guys at some point stop and cease to develop – then I agree with Jano. When you’re in the main team, you need each workout to learn something, to do everything that coach tells you to pay more attention to the tactics. And so, the new contracts signed and then we stopped. And you have to play to become a leading player.

As, for example, Zelimkhan Bakaev? Sometimes he even very many takes.

Andrey Yeshchenko: Previously, a lot was taken, but now does a specific job that expects him to coach. Now Bakaev more on partner plays. But he has his ego. And that’s fine.


According to foreign media reports, Juventus are willing to sell Cristiano Ronaldo for pandemic coronavirus. Due to the economic problems it is highly unlikely that the Turin club will be able to pay the Portuguese former salary when the season resumes. Currently, Ronaldo cost “Old shinyore” in 31 million euros a year. One solution to this issue is the transfer of Cristiano in the other team. In this case, Juventus would consider offers from 70 million euros. Earlier it became known that the players of the Italian giants agreed to a collective reduction in annual salary due to the coronavirus. The club will save on this 90 million Euro.