The climate activists of the “last generation” block roads and airports, obstruct rescue workers, vandalize works of art, but the President of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Thomas Haldenwang, sees no danger that the climate activists could pose.

In a discussion of the SWR, he said according to “Bild” that the members of the organization “Last Generation” committed crimes, but “committing crimes” does not immediately make this group extremist. This would only be the case “whenever the state, society, the free-democratic basic order will be called into question”.

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And further: “That’s exactly what people don’t actually do. They say: Hey, government, you’ve been asleep for so long, you finally have to do something. There is no other way to express how much one actually respects this system when one asks the officials to act.”

Statements that Bavaria’s Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann contradicts. “I can’t see any ‘special respect’ for our democratic system here, with the best will in the world,” Herrmann is quoted as saying. “These are not “climate activists”, they are criminals who don’t care about the law.” The CSU politician has “no understanding whatsoever” for their approach, which is intended to “force their goals on society by force”.

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NRW Interior Minister Herbert Reul also warns the head of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution to underestimate the danger of climate radicals. “Anyone who blocks airports or obstructs rescue workers turns on a dangerous escalation spiral,” said the CDU politician.

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When asked, a spokeswoman said that the Office for the Protection of the Constitution could not identify extremism among climate activists. “Committing criminal offenses cannot per se be taken as an indicator of extremism,” said a spokeswoman. The decisive factor is “whether the crimes are committed from anti-constitutional motivation”.

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