The curve will continue to rise, With 938 in the state government recognised proven infections with the Coronavirus is the case, have grown in numbers, in Thuringia more. 74 new infections had been detected from Wednesday – on Thursday morning, – stated in the message of the state office of Thursday.

In 17 cases, showed the patients have severe gradients. At least 390 people in the state apply to the particulars referred to as recover. But also the number of deaths continued to rise: After the Landratsamt Greiz reported that on Wednesday, a 77-year-old woman to the Virus-caused lung disease Covid-died 19, were on Thursday evening across the country at least nine known cases in which people died after an infection.

The district of Greiz belongs to the Corona-focal points in Thuringia are infected there alone the details of Thursday morning, according to the 152 residents proven. But also in Ilm-Kreis is a complete community of 900 people is still under quarantine. In Neustadt am Rennsteig are now detected 26 infections, informed the district office.

Other smear stations are there on Wednesday built, and to stay over the weekend. “We very much hope that we will have a comprehensive picture of the situation in Neustadt. And each new town and each Neustädterin clarity about his/her health condition,“ said member of Parliament for Petra Enders (independent).

in Addition, have aggravated the Corona-crisis in the Saale-Orla-Kreis noticeable, informed the district office on Thursday. There is a home for Elderly people is affected in Triptis with more than 60 residents especially, the house is under quarantine. Both some of the residents as well as employees have tested positive for the Virus. Meanwhile, eight residents of the elevated temperature had, hot it.

in addition, a staff member of the service health of the district administrator’s office had now been tested positive. “We are more able to work,” said district administrator Thomas Fügmann (CDU). With a view to the decision of the Chancellor and the Prime Minister, the regulations for containment of the Virus until at least 19. April upright, he said: “nobody should cherish the Illusion that after this date, all restrictions are lifted and everything is as before. The Corona-crisis is not yet over.“

Also, the Thuringian Ministry of education announced on Wednesday that at least some of the limitations are also to be expected after Easter. The Ministry instructed public schools, class trips, to delete days and other learning events outside the school until the end of the current school year. Costs for already planned trips and excursions that have already been incurred or do not cancel leave, will report to the country, it said.

“of Course it hurts schools, teachers and students, a class trip that was happy already a long time to cancel. But the tense Situation in connection with the Covid-19-pandemic leaves us no other choice,“ said education Minister Helmut Holter (Left). The summer holidays start in Thuringia, this year at 20. July.