Elizaveta Tuktamysheva will supply the program with the participation of fans

Lisa is a wonderful singles. She owns one of the most difficult jump in women’s figure skating triple Axel. Even in such a solid by the standards of figure skating age (23 years) without hesitation went to study quadruple toe loop and a Salchow right there to continue to compete with younger skaters jumping. Lisa generally not afraid to go beyond. We all remember her brave demonstration room of the season 2018/19 with elements of undressing to the song of Britney Spears Toxic.

Photo: Mikhail Sinitsyn/RG the world figure skating Championships cancelled due to coronavirus

During the execution of competitive programmes such freedom of action, of course, is not allowed. But Tuktamysheva still try to depart from the canons, inviting their fans to participate in the formulation together with the professional jury by Sokolovym. It made for Lisa short program “Bolero” in a triumph for Tuktamysheva season 2014/15.

– let’s Try, observing all safety rules and from the comfort of your home, create the choreography of my long program, which is probably what you will see in the new season, Tuktamysheva has written in Instagram. – It will be Insta-series, the heroes of which will be you, because you’ll be able to participate in our discussions and to influence the outcome of the work on the room.

Tuktamysheva will conduct a series of live broadcasts. Yesterday, already after signing of this number “RG” in print, Lisa and Yuri Smekalov answered questions from subscribers. Today you can communicate with the composer Bhima Yunusov and vote for the musical vision of the future rooms. Tomorrow will be a stream of rehearsals, during which Lisa will learn a new piece of choreography. Monday will be the online premiere numbers created together with the fans of figuresstki. All the esters is scheduled for 19.00 GMT.