Prince Harry (35) and Duchess Meghan (38) start now also officially the new Chapter of your life: From the 1. April is the Megxit, the voluntary withdrawal from the British Royal family. Your first Job, far away from the king’s house completed Meghan already.

For Disney the Ex-“Suits”actress as a voice actress in the Studio and took in the movie “Elephant” by disney nature on the role of Narrator. From the 3. April, the natural movie on Disney+ is available, but already before the appearance of the production Meghan for their use must be criticized.

British and American film critics and journalists, the documentary that accompanied the journey of the African elephant Shani, her son Jomo, and the matriarch Gaia on a journey through the Kalahari desert, already seen. And in part damning judgments about Meghans Performance in the Film.

“Lard and without the Kitsch”

As it says in the criticism of the US portal “Empire”, that Meghans “fit of excited tone of voice” perfectly “natural history Film, without corners and edges”. The Journalist goes on to write that comment on Meghans way, “overzealous” is. As an example, he mentions about a scene in which the elephants take a mud bath and Meghan in Off says: “It is time for a Pool Party!” Meghan stay “just not annoying enough.”

Strict critic of “The Times”. On the page it says about: “Meghan Markle has traded the Royal pomp against schmaltz, and Kitsch in. The Performance often feels too thick applied.” In the Text it means in addition: “Even the overwhelming scene in which the elephant bark tearing from the tree, will be presented, as you would just announced the best movies at the Oscars.” The critic gives it two stars out of five.

You will notice clearly that “this topic Meghan is very close to the heart”

a Little more forgiving on the criticism of the “Telegraph falls”. There it is, the documentary was “just Attenborough” (the famous British wildlife filmmaker David Attenborough, Anm. d. Red.). Nevertheless, Meghans meet “with honey coated, deep voice the tone of the piece” .

The “Express” is about to get Meghan for her movie Comeback of praise. “Meghan comes across very warm-hearted, with most of her lines sound as if they are spotlighting the elephant, the we are watching, loving… Sometimes it is a bit cheesy and sentimental, a classic American Disney art.”

her voice was “enthusiastic” and you realize clearly that “this topic Meghan is very close to the heart.” This is hardly surprising: The Gage, the Meghan for the voice actor-received Job, and donated them to the charity “Elephants Without Borders”. (kad)