Many people arrested during the Corona-crisis, to work in the home office, to slow the spread of the Virus. How to Finance this, the company has, however, only to a limited extent. “An employee may rely on any case that he gets the cost of electricity for the use of a Laptop or a coffee maker refunded,” said Christian Solmecke, Partner of the law firm Solmecke, Wilde Beuger.

Whether or not such expenses are to be reimbursed, should be individually with the employer, agreed, if there were not already rules in the collective agreement or the operating agreement, advises the expert. A refund was, however, totally excluded, if the employee is out of caution would be in front of a contagion of the home and the employer approves it. “So far, most of the employers ask the workers to work in a home office, so often, a reimbursement is excluded,” says Solmecke continued.

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Three examples show that consumers need in the Home Office more power

power to tax? Save money now with a FOCUS on Online (screen), Now electricity prices

In the end, compare the majority of consumers will remain on your cost you more to sit. For anyone who works in a home office, you must also cook more frequently, or the company laptop to charge. But what does this increased electricity costs need? The energy experts of Verivox make on the basis of three examples:

  • Computer: “Is only used a Laptop as a work device, this has many disadvantages for comfort and posture. For this, the electricity costs are low – the portable devices are designed to minimise consumption,“ sums up Verivox. Per day the electricity would cost only 15 cents.
    more Expensive, it is the Use of a conventional PC. With a connected Monitor, the power consumption is significantly higher. The cost for an average unit amount according to Verivox to 50 cents per working day. “Depending on the equipment and in addition connected devices, the power costs can be significantly higher,” concluded the experts.
  • phone: The Charge of a smartphone is a burden on the wallet, however. The reason is that The network pull the plug in a maximum of 5 watts. Verivox calculates: Who has a Smartphone every day for three hours at the outlet, paid a half a Cent per day.
  • cook: is consumed As much electricity when cooking, depends on the meal and the energy efficiency of stove or oven. A medium-sized cooking field for an hour at the highest power run, costs just under 50 cents.
  • The conclusion of Verivox energy expert Valerian bird: “The cost of additional electricity by the home office are expected to be generally below one Euro per day”. By making small Changes in everyday behavior, the electricity costs can be reduced, but overall, clearly, advises bird.

    tip 1: Stand-by-mode

    in Particular, Multimedia-avoid Equipment in Stand-by mode is still a high demand for energy. Therefore, the following applies: Unused appliances, turn off and. About four percent of electricity consumption from power, the “Off” in a household. “In an average electricity price of 30 cents per kilowatt-hour for each saved Watt means a lower cost of about 2,60 Euro per year”, attributed to Verivox.

    tip 2: dishwasher buy

    Good news: An energy-efficient dishwasher uses less electricity and water than Washing dishes by Hand. The dishwasher is used two Times per week, can be saved according to Verivox about 130 Euro in comparison to the hand work.

    tip 3: kettle instead of a pot do not use

    kettle heat water faster than a cooking pot on the electric stove, they are also usually more efficient. The Verivox-statement shows: if you switch on the kettle and a daily basis a Liter of water and four cups of heated, saving per year around 10 euros.

    tip 4: egg cooker use

    Also here is possible to save energy: Who prepared the eggs for Breakfast with an egg cooker instead of the pot on the stove, only consumes a quarter of the electricity. Who prepared four Times a week, four eggs, saves Verivox, according to the annual rate of around 20 euros. Here, loan rates compare quickly and easily (display) To Focus Online loan rates comparison

    tip 5: electricity supplier exchange check – so you can. several Hundred Euro

    save electricity, the following applies: costs vary depending on Tariff, in some cases significantly Anyone who is looking for a new electricity provider, you can sometimes save substantially. What does that mean exactly? A family with a consumption of 4,000 kilowatt-hours of pay in the basic supply tariff from the local energy supplier in the German average is currently to 1,329 euros a year for electricity. The best Tariff with consumer-friendly conditions are only an average of 1.033 euros – a Saving of 296 Euro, such as Numbers of Verivox show.

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