Easy to use due to the coronavirus to the Bolshoi theater costs 9 million rubles daily

Easy to use due to coronavirus manages a Large theater at 9 million rubles daily Easy to use because of the coronavirus manages a Large theater at 9 million rubles every day
Moscow-Live.ru / Akishin Vyacheslav

the Suspension of work due to pandemic coronavirus Bolshoi theater costs about 9 million rubles per day, estimated by the Director of the institution Vladimir urin in an interview to “Kommersant”. In the optimistic scenario the development of the situation will resume with the new season in September. If this does not happen, “even to predict scary that can be – until the destruction of the theater.”

Now it is closed indefinitely, like other cultural institutions in the country. Go to work only those employees who are responsible for the functioning of the complex of buildings of the theater, and a few members of the administration headed by Urinam. “Judging by how the situation develops, I’m pretty sure that by the end of June or even July, the performances of the impossible”, – stated the Director.

The Opera troupe fell off a March tour in Toulouse and Paris, from the ballet may tour in Washington and Chicago. Tentative trip to Japan in November. The uncertain situation with the premieres of the season: five of them are actually broken. April 22 was supposed to start rehearsing the one-act ballet “the Master and Margarita”, but urin “almost 100% sure” that to start it will fail.

Ballet dancers in the mode of isolation, keep in shape at home, but have limited training. According to the Urine to recover, they will need at least a month. Scheduled the premiere of the theater release in any case, the head of the state. On postnosochnye costs spent and the state, and sponsorship, and extra-budgetary money, which earns the theater itself.

According to the Urine, coronavirus seriously change as world prices for theatrical production and the relationship between theatre and audience. He expressed confidence that the world’s theaters won’t be able to pay the same fees as in 2019, consequently, ticket prices may be reduced. “I think that in Moscow there will be a corresponding price adjustment. We must understand that after the opening of the theatre people are unlikely to be able to buy tickets at the price that was there before,” said urin.

Now the theater needs to pay salaries to employees and return the money for the tickets. According to the Urine, 70-80% of tickets are bought through the Internet, and with the return of the money for them is no problem. Purchased at the box office more difficult, the money for them, the theater will return after the end of quarantine. How will be the salary of employees in April-June, according to the Director, depends on the principle of the return shortfall in income will determine the state.

Speaking about the world of theaters to show their performances, including the premiere, online, urin expressed the view that the abuse of such screenings will lead to the loss of viewers. In his opinion, the broadcasts no “to the emotions, the magic that occurs between performers and audience in a live hall.” “I think performances have wisely and carefully, maintaining the interest to their productions, but not giving out on-mountain all products and is not a substitute for these viewers the opportunity to come to the theater and meet a live performance,” said the newspaper.

the Bolshoi theater after the opening to “the difficult process of return to theatre spectators,” said urin. In his opinion, people will rush to buy tickets as soon as you resume selling them: “we Need time to let the audience returned to the theatre – and not only for economic but also for psychological reasons.” Atafter the lifting of the quarantine theatre will compete for the audience’s attention, releasing as much as possible Prime Minister one after the other.