heart jump, the project, under the Malaika Mihambo together with the Association “strongly creators of” elementary school students to the daily workout is called the hour of 10 o’clock in your living room catching up. “These are uncertain times. For us athletes, but also for all,“ says Malaika Mihambo and especially the children in the view, which can currently go neither to school, nor to the Training in their sports club.

“Want to make a small contribution to

make” “Even if the parents try to make sure the General uncertainty to stay away from them – children have fine antennae, and feel something nonetheless. If I can make my small contribution to your daily life during this time, a little structure, you can delight for the Sport, then I would like to make,“ says the Seven-metre jumper.

In the life of the Corona-pandemic Malaika Mihambo initiated once-a-week Sport-AG Theodor-Heuss-school in oftersheim. An offer that can not take place in the current reality. At least not in the current Form. “But it is precisely in these times, is movement for children is so important. The hour gives you structure, it will distract you and in the best case, you learn something,“ says the 26-Year-old.

Each day, among other things, is the Motto of

Behind the hours is a thought-out concept with a variety of lies. So every day tasks are waiting for the children and small Challenges in which they are challenged. In addition, each day has a specific Motto. Thus, even a small Meditation is the #meditation Monday in addition to sports on the program.

On the #science Saturday children will learn in addition to athletic Exercises, is also a little Scientific, for example, from nature. “I’m studying environmental science and want to teach in this way, the children more of me and the world in which we live.”

All of the Stream shows a More Malaika Mihambo, invites the General Public but in this way, for the first time in your own Four walls. “It was only in the first Moment of funny. We are currently stay at home. As I’m fond of a good example.“

The special home-charm of the picture, he is wanted, gives it even more authenticity. Every day at 10 a.m. the live stream begins in the primary school students Malaika Mihambo live experience, and with her on the chat function to communicate with. But in the Wake of the Videos on Youtube are available. All the important messages to the Coronavirus in the FOCUS Online Newsletter. Subscribe now.

This article action #corona care: Deutschland hilft was written by Alexandra Dersch

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The Corona-pandemic restricts the everyday life of the people in Germany. Especially for vulnerable groups such as seniors, everyday tasks are associated with a risk of infection. Therefore, now asked for solidarity! FOCUS Online has therefore launched the campaign “#corona care: Germany helps”. With you! All of the information you find here.

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