The Commission in the App Store 30% overstates the cost of the apps, and Apple owning the shop, reduces privacy and increases the is, said the founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov.

Durov in his telegram channel noted that the Commission Apple 30% increases the cost of what paying users of iOS devices.

“She goes above and beyond what you pay the developers for any service or game. Despite the fact that when you buy the phone, Apple has already charged you several hundred dollars more than its cost, you pay her a surcharge for each application. In other words, you continue to pay after paid”, – said Durov.

Part of the content of the application remains available to users, because Apple censors their.

“Apple forbids us developers to tell users that some content was hidden for iPhone users that is at the request of Apple. Probably, employees of the company understand how weird they look with their attempts global censorship: imagine a web browser that decides a sites what subjects can you see,” added the founder of Telegram.

In addition, Apple to install apps on the iPhone requires you to create an account and log in to it, with each purchase, each received notification is attached to the user and to monitor its actions.

Another disadvantage, according to Durova, is the delay in receiving updates, since the moderators save the new version for a few weeks. “You would expect that the billions received commissions on applications that Apple at least will hire more moderators. But even this they fail, and we – major developers like Telegram – usually have to wait several days or even weeks for new versions of our applications are available to users,” explained the founder of messenger.

“To the 30 percent fee Apple added the remaining waste developer: taxes (VAT 20%), salaries, development costs, equipment, marketing. In a hypothetical world without commissions Apple many applications would have been profitable, but as in the real world is forcing Apple to give her a third of the revenue, they are often not viable. As a result, many useful apps that would make us happy today, simply do not exist: they went bankrupt or did not appear,” – said Durov.

Two other disadvantage of the developer related to advertising and lower quality applications.

“since Apple makes the sale of additional services to users of a third less attractive to developers, many applications have to show advertising in order to cover the costs. Policy Apple cost podtelkova��t the entire Internet industry to sell the data, and the user’s attention instead of using other, more acceptable from the point of view of privacy protection business models,” wrote the founder of Telegram.

Earlier, Vice-President Ilya perekopsky Telegram said that mobile application developers worldwide have to pay a tax of 30% Apple and Google in placing their programs in their stores.

Durov said that to disturb the two “supranational corporations” to collect tax on the whole of humanity is not easy, and you need to talk about the evils of this state of Affairs for billions of users worldwide.

Also the founder of the messenger reported that the Telegram was included in the list of the 10 most downloaded and popular apps in the world.