The manufacturer EUROM informs about a recall via Because Styrofoam may have gotten into the fans during the manufacturing process of the DUAL MATE 2000 RC fan heater, there is a risk of the devices catching fire during use.

If you have not used the fan heaters yet, you should contact EUROM to arrange a return. This can be done by email at or by phone at 00 31 38 38 54321 (Netherlands).

The manufacturer writes: “If you have already used the fan heater, then use the grille on the back and the grille on the front to check that there is no polystyrene in the fan heater.

It is best to check this with a flashlight. If you still have no confidence in the safety of the device, you can also send back the fan heater you have already used. You will be refunded the purchase price. “

Banks have evaluated the residential real estate sales of the past few weeks and have found that prices are crumbling across the board. They give way, especially in overheated markets like Munich. Anyone who has to sell should hurry: there is currently no end in sight to the fall in prices. On the contrary.

A Bundeswehr officer died in hospital last Friday. The man had previously collapsed in the army infantry school. Investigations are underway, the Bundeswehr is keeping a low profile on the incident.

In Germany, SUV tires were again deflated in several cities on Tuesday. Behind the attacks are apparently climate activists who want to ban the large vehicles from inner cities.

Gas and district heating customers as well as pensioners can breathe a sigh of relief in December. They receive financial grants, which many people receive in December. We show what changes are coming our way in December, who benefits from the grants and by when the Christmas mail should actually be sent out.

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