Customizability, more accessories and many extras: That’s what Sony promises with the new DualSense Edge Controller. How much power is in the part? The test shows that the controller is very powerful – but also has two catches.

If you buy a Playstation 5, you get a very good controller. Of particular interest are the motors in the rear buttons, which, for example, motorically simulate the triggering of weapons. But many console gamers want more: more customization, more buttons, more performance. Sony has now responded to this with the DualSense Edge Controller.

The goal: to develop a controller for professional gamers, which also offers added value for occasional gamers.

The controller is housed in a modern protective bag, which also has space for all accessories. This ensures safe transport to the next tournament. Cool feature: The controller can also be charged in the closed packaging using a USB cable.

If you pick up the DualSense Edge, you immediately notice the good workmanship and the slightly higher weight. In conjunction with new, non-slip inner surfaces, the controller feels very good in the hand – better than its smaller standard brother.

In addition to the standard caps for the movement controls – also known as triggers – two high and two low round caps are included. These can be combined as desired in just a few simple steps, which is the first step towards customization options. Unfortunately, no high and low standard caps – i.e. not with the outer but inner curvature – are included in the scope of delivery.

A new feature are the back buttons, which can be attached to the bottom of the controller. Depending on finger length and preference, these are semicircular keys or elongated levers. Here, too, the user can decide which of the two buttons he would like to use on each side.

Two more keys close to our fingers immediately catch our eye: We press these at any time in the game to open a context menu. We can quickly switch between four profiles in which we can freely determine the key assignment. A detailed program, which we start when the controller first comes into contact with the Playstation, guides us through all possible adjustments. After a bit of training, we quickly understood what can be changed and how – the software becomes a powerful ally on the road to customization.

In our favorite racing game, for example, we can put the circuit on the back button or in the adventure God Of War we can use the superpowers on the X button. These are just simple examples, players have the option to create their own custom key sets for each game.

The sensitivity of the sticks can also be adjusted, as can the vibration strength or the dead zones of the triggers. In shooters, for example, we can switch off the servo motors and shorten the trigger reaction, which should particularly please tournament players who are looking for endurance and the fastest possible reaction times.

The interchangeable embroidery modules are a feature that is as contemporary as it is smart. Sticks are known to lose accuracy over time with frequent use. This usually shortens the lifespan of the controller accordingly. With the modules that can be purchased separately, Sony is taking a much more sustainable approach. Great!

However, this technology has its price, because Sony has saved on the battery size. The runtime on a full charge is significantly less than the standard controllers of the Playstation 5, with intensive use we can only play about three to four hours. Sony was aware of this and has included an extra-long charging cable – finally, one might say, because the ones previously supplied were quite short. Of course, this is not a real compensation, because who wants to play on the console with a cable.

If you want to buy this lavish package, you currently have to put 239.99 euros on the counter. For comparison: The DualSense wireless controller costs around 65 euros. The question remains as to which controller is more suitable for whom.

In itself, the answer is relatively simple: If you want to use one of the features mentioned above and the customization options, you have to ask yourself whether it’s worth the around 240 euros. If you play competitively on the Playstation 5, you now get the in-house, perfectly tailored controller. Action or racing game fans in particular will soon no longer want to do without the additional customization options. Casual gamers will be put off by the hefty price tag.