Andrew is his wife’s “best husband of the year.” The reason for this award: The Brit bought a dream vacation for a bargain price.

A British couple pays just 10.85 pounds (12.60 euros) for a dream trip to Turkey – about as much as two beers cost at London airport. This was made possible by a competition run by an English tour operator.

Andrew Haskins, a construction manager from South Gloucestershire, was awarded the title of Husband of the Year by his wife Toni-Ann. The “Mirror” reports on this unexpected luck.

To win the trip you had to make a bid. According to reports in the “Mirror”, the lowest bid submitted once was then accepted. However, Andrew didn’t choose a random number for his winning bid, but instead chose a combination consisting of the date he met his loved one and the year of his birth.

The couple has made this bid several times in the past, but to no avail. But when Andrew saw on Instagram that a British tour operator’s “Bid for a Break” competition had been restarted, he decided to take part again – and is now allowed to pack his bags.

Recently, British tourists caused a stir on board a holiday plane. On the way to Turkey, they drank the entire alcohol supply on the plane within 25 minutes.

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