The new Episode of the ZDF-“dream ship” starts with a lie or two, to be exact. “Morocco – one of my absolute dream destinations”, says hotel Manager Hanna Liebhold (Barbara Wussow) in the first sentence in the new sequence. Word equal to the ship doctor Wolf Sander (“Lord Emperor” Nick Wild) is repeated shortly afterwards.

“dream ship” in the Live Stream

see The ZDF-“dream boat”episode “Morocco” will be broadcast on Easter Sunday from 20.15 .

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“dream ship” licks in Morocco

Morocco, a dream destination? Clearly, the North African country has beautiful beaches, an amazing desert landscape, and Marrakech is the dream of 1001 night par excellence. But let’s be honest: The “dream ship” was included Liebhold and Doc Sander – just on Antigua and in Colombia.

Morocco, which went so far, however, without the luxury steamer from Germany in a couple of hours with the cheap flyer or a lump sum. All inclusive to Agadir was almost synonymous with Mallorca. As close to Germany as Morocco is not a “dream ship”-was a goal for Egypt in the year 1993 or Norway a year before.

But it has gotten a lot done in the last few weeks: In a breathtaking speed of cruise ships in the public perception of today are more breeding sites for the Coronavirus as a “dream ship”.

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silver and iron is thrilled

“Morocco is a very fascinating and diverse country,” says Florian silver iron, which stands out in the new Episode for the third Time as a captain in the lake. “There is the Atlantic ocean, in the same way but with the High Atlas for an incredible mountain panorama.

the vibrant cities, especially Marrakech, with its Souks and the desert and the spectacular sand dunes, where we with Snowboards have turned to be Added. So for me, Morocco was a really spectacular dream boat-the country.”

Corona stops turning

it is supposed to turn silver iron in Panama. “But it was not on the basis of Corona,” he told the German press Agency. “Many of the members were already on Board, but I was no longer allowed to enter the country. When and how can we do the filming, and I don’t know yet.”

so, in the meantime, Morocco, that was many years from Germany so easily reached as Paris or London, at least as far away as Australia. With Thousands of people through the narrow Souks of Marrakech constraints, mint tea to drink in crowded cafes and Restaurants – Corona-times, is currently unthinkable. Lioness resting on drinking antelope – the to the Predator of old, FOCUS Online/Wochit lioness grid appearance to drinking antelope – the Predator of old,

look like that’s in the new episode of the “dream ship”

But the “dream boat” would be the “dream ship”, would make the creators of the places in which it is rotated, too many thoughts. Young love, aging people find back together, to either a small crime or a failure of the intrigue (or both) and the captain who saves the day folding all the but for decades all over the world from Bali to South Africa to Hawaii.

In the new Episode the young couple in Love, the African Princess Lilani (Michaela Saba), whose exact origin is never named, suffocate probably any geopolit cal disagreements in the Bud – and the fitness coach, Lennart (“Sex is overrated – I like eh more on Cuddling,” Tommy Schlesser). According to the Motto: “what the Swedish Royal family can, so can we.”

The rescue operation is this time, so undramatic as it could be. Captain Max Parger (Florian silver iron, can not also deny, in its third episode that he is actually show a master and not an actor) helps the hotel boss Hanna, after the dunes, drove down and brought down with a Snowboard-like vehicle with Moroccan sand. Warning, Spoiler: she has bad muscle soreness.

in addition, there is an art expert (Anja Antonowicz), which takes up valuable originals on Board, and then by a devious art forger, is deceived (the criminal case) and a nasty on-Board photographer (Jaime Ferkic, the schemer), awaiting the Princess, and his latent racism acts out.

Since the show’s master-captain understands no fun anymore: “With racist comments, we are not to be trifled with here on Board, is that clear?” A touch of policy in the “dream ship”-romance-the batch.

Speidel and Fierek help

The ray of light in this even tougher than usual, therefore, the coming mass of Kitsch and Wanderlust is, in fact, as is so often the aging Couple. Jutta Speidel and “Bayer auf Rügen” Wolfgang Fierek play the former pop Duo “Rosi and Roy”, and, in fact, a little bit with the expectations of the long-established ZDF audience. Refreshing!

By Rosi also by far the best record of this “dream ship”comes subsequent. How the desert had been the ship’s doctor from your knowledge. And she responds dryly: “desolate! And there is definitely too little camels!”

Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease, FOCUS Online/Wochit Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease

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Germany’s bewegendster Corona Song: “Victoriam” – Listen, we support the good cause

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