Unrest has erupted on the streets of New York City as protesters demand justice for a Philadelphia man shot dead by police, some torching NYPD squad vehicles and burning flags after authorities declared an unlawful assembly.

A number of law enforcement cars and vans were seen with their windows smashed out and scrawled with anti-police graffiti in footage that made the rounds online. The parked vehicles appear to have been vandalized after officers left the immediate area, as none could be seen in the videos.

Multiple police cars vandalized in Brooklyn

Storefronts were also smashed up amid the unrest, with one clip showing shops with blown out windows as a hostile bystander confronts the man filming, shouting “walk the f**k on! You wanna play press? Let’s play f**kin’ press, b**ch.”

Building damage in New York City.

Nearly 30 were arrested following acts of vandalism against stores in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill neighborhood, according to journalist Issa Khari, who documented the protests on the ground.

Mass arrests at the #BrooklynRiots after several stores in the affluent Cobble Hill neighborhood were vandalized… (NLG on scene gave me an estimate of 26 arrests. )#WalterWallaceJr#nycprotests#BlackLivesMatter

Because of the “protest activity” around downtown Brooklyn, the NYPD urged residents to find “alternate routes” of travel and to expect a “large presence of emergency personnel” in the area. The department has otherwise offered no other details on the ongoing unrest, including about arrests or injuries.

ADVISORY: Due to protest activity in downtown Brooklyn, expect vehicular traffic & a large presence of emergency personnel in the area. Consider alternate routes and allow for additional travel time.

In other footage, police can be heard issuing orders to disperse over a loudspeaker, threatening demonstrators with arrest after declaring the gathering an unlawful assembly. Officers appeared to be moving in on the area, with protesters seen scattering in all directions.

Unlawful assembly, NYPD moving in

As officers attempted to stop one vehicle near the protest area, presumably to question its driver, the car bolted, appearing to narrowly miss a line of police blocking off the road, though it’s unclear whether any were injured.

Vehicles not stopping for NYPD. This is so dangerous for police.

Multiple protestors are under arrest in Brooklyn Heights as a car just rammed through NYPD cops trying to discourse the crowd

The chaotic demonstrations kicked off earlier on Tuesday evening, held in solidarity with activists in Philadelphia protesting the fatal police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr., a 27-year-old black man who reportedly suffered from mental illness. Wallace was shot multiple times during a confrontation with officers on Monday, during which he is said to have brandished a knife, setting off two nights of unrest in Philadelphia that have seen rioting, vandalism, looting and clashes with police.

Hundreds marching with the crowd that left Fort Greene park, calling for justice for Walter Wallace Jr, a Black Philadelphian that police shot 10 times in front of his mother.An LRAD is on its way, according to scanners, and officers are threatening to make arrests.

Flag burning in New York City.

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