RBB director Patricia Schlesinger has been the focus of criticism for weeks. The accusation: The broadcaster boss has given herself advantages through her job. Now there are new details about her company car. The station itself counters the allegations.

Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) has rejected new allegations against broadcaster Patricia Schlesinger regarding the procurement and use of her company car. A spokesman for the public broadcaster said on Friday at the request of the German Press Agency: “From the RBB’s point of view, there are no indications that the car was purchased or used under irregular circumstances.” The entire procurement process is in-house been treated transparently.

The “Business Insider” had reported that the RBB had been granted a high discount for the company car. The online medium also cited an orientation offer from a car manufacturer, in which the total value of around 145,000 euros was mentioned and equipment such as seats with a massage function was said to have been offered. The article raised the question of whether a car manufacturer’s acceptance of large special conditions for advertising purposes could conflict with an internal service directive of the broadcaster.

The RBB spokesman continued: “The director’s company cars are procured from day one by the responsible purchasing department, which of course negotiates the best possible price. We also take advantage of discounts, of course not in secret, but on the terms that are offered to us.” dpa made an inquiry to the car manufacturer.

According to “Business Insider”, Schlesinger is said to have also used her company car with a chauffeur for private purposes. The broadcaster explained: “The agreement on the company car for the director says: “The RBB provides the director Ms. Schlesinger with a company car with a driver for business and private use.”

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Schlesinger, who is currently also the chair of the ARD community, has been exposed to various allegations for weeks that “Business Insider” had started the case. The core issue is whether the station boss and the station chief controller could have treated each other too laxly in the event of a possible conflict of interests.

Consulting contracts for an RBB construction project and orders for Schlesinger’s husband at Messe Berlin play a role. The RBB Board of Directors Chairman Wolf-Dieter Wolf is also the chief supervisor of the state-owned trade fair. Both rejected the allegations. Investigations are underway in the houses. Wolf’s RBB office is at a standstill and the construction project is on hold.

Schlesinger also attracted criticism because of a salary increase of 16 percent to 303,000 euros. In the meantime, she was open to speaking to the board of directors again. There was also resentment because of official dinners, which Schlesinger organized in her function as RBB director in her private apartment in Berlin.

A display by the AfD on the RBB case had no consequences. The public prosecutor’s office in Berlin has decided not to start any investigations based on the specific complaint at this point in time. The “Tagesspiegel” first reported on it.