The Professor explained why the United States will not be able to deduce all military contingent from Afghanistan and what kind of policy should be to NATO according to trump.

The US President Donald trump, during his election campaign in 2016, said he would reduce the presence of NATO across the globe and even questioned the need for the existence of the Alliance itself. Why did troops of the Alliance are still, for example, in Afghanistan, explained the Professor, the political scientist Andranik Migranyan in the “meanwhile”.

“Trump promised to withdraw from Afghanistan troops. There is not very advertised, because the military are in thrall to old ideas about what should be the role of the U.S. armed forces around the world. But there are thousands of objects and databases, hundreds of States can’t America is all pulling now. Economy, there are no resources in this country, but there is a new strategy. By the way it was designed almost 20 years. Since the 18th century, the British followed a policy called “splendid isolation”. What it is: it is not necessary that your troops were present in every region, in every key region to create a certain balance of power. If someone increases – to give him the head, helping others to other States, which is also threatened,” – said the expert.

Also, Migranyan appreciated how the United States followed the British principle of “splendid isolation”.

“the Fact that America did not “splendid isolation”, but after the collapse of the USSR pursued a different policy, which Condoleezza rice called unilateral dominance in the world, ignoring international organizations, the UN security Council, and they wanted to spit on the interests of others. And trump wants to return to the English politics of the 19th century,” commented the analyst.

In the beginning of 2020 was published, the official joint statement of U.S. and Kabul, which refers to the withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan in 14 months. The main condition for the withdrawal of the military contingent was the signing of a peace agreement with the Taliban*.

* The Taliban is a terrorist organization banned in Russia