With the evolution of the internet, it is a common scene that there is a growing trend for online e-commerce businesses each day.


In this pandemic, even people of all ages are showing interest in shopping online instead of risking their health.


But the real question for the online business owners is your website protected from cybercriminals?


What are the steps you have taken to keep a strong security force intact in your organization?

The answer is simple, to buy a cheap SSL certificate and get it installed.


  • Google Made SSL Mandatory in 2018:


Google decided to flag the websites that do not have an SSL certificate, keeping in mind the visitors’ safe browsing user experience.


However, if the websites fail to buy a cheap SSL certificate and get it installed, all the popular web searches will deliver a message “not secure” to your website URL.


There are chances that your website may even get blocked to load in the browser. No matter if you own a personal blog website, small scale business, or a large scale business, having an SSL certificate is mandatory.


To avoid the penalty form Google, it is a must to have an SSL.


  • What is an SSL certificate?


SSL certificate provides a secure connection between a web browser and a web server. Technically, an SSL certificate can be termed as a cryptographic protocol that provides safe and secure communication.


As we all know that SSL stands for the Secure Socket Layer. However, it is also known as Transfer later security later as well.


Moreover, SSL certificates are widely used in websites, online websites, mobile apps, emails, fax, messaging, and many more.


Generally, when an SSL certificate is deployed on a website, you can observe HTTPS on the address bar. Likely, the websites that do not have an SSL have HTTP.


  • What Does an SSL Certificate Do?


So whenever you access a website, communication happens between the web browser and the web server of the website.


When the information is transmitted from one another from both sides, an SSL certificate protects the private information from the data hacks.


SSL certificate protects confidential information from everyday cyber-attacks. The private information includes email ids, passwords, credit card details, contact information, bank details are safe and secure with SSL.


It safeguards the confidential data coming from the hands of the cybercriminals, and the interception of such data is called the MITM attack.


So organizations must improve the security levels daily, and the employees should be given enough knowledge on taking proper cybersecurity guidelines.


Even if single data or document is leaked, it will cause a huge loss for the organization. This is where the SSL certificate comes to the scene.


The basic working model of an SSL transaction is given below.


  • Client requests server identification from the webserver.
  • Server sends the SSL certificate issued by the CA to the respective client.
  • The client receives the certificate copy and further sends an acknowledgment.
  • The received certificate is thus verified, and the message is sent back to the server.
  • Now, the server sends a digital signature to the client.
  • After receiving the notification acknowledgment, it initiates encrypted information exchange between the client and the server.



Now let us see the benefits of SSL certificate:


  • Boosts Ranking:


As we all know, Google has made changes to its algorithm and added HTTPS as a crucial element for measuring the ranking signal. You need not worry if your website is installed by an SSL certificate and displays HTTPS in the URL address bar.


With HTTPS, you will get the advantage of better SERP and thus improving your website ranks.


Using SSL improves the name of your brand when your website has a trustworthy SSL certificate, the visitors, or the customers get attracted to your website. Thus, engaging the audience and thereby the productivity.


  • Secure Payments:


It is impossible to purchase on a website that has HTTP. However, to meet the PCI standards, all e-commerce websites should have HTTPS to secure credit and debit card details.


Without the use of an SSL certificate, online business websites cannot check out at the time of the transaction or at least one successful transaction. By implementing SSL, visitors will find your website more trustworthy and experience secure shopping over the HTTPS site.


  • Keep the Hackers at bay:


To keep the cybersecurity of your website up to date, make sure to keep the cyber-criminal activities at bay.


Always be careful about the phishing websites as these are the replica of other websites that can easily get you in the trap.


They have techniques to create and fake that everything you see is authentic and original. This is when you should be careful to differentiate between the phishing and original website.

However, SSL is an expert in identifying fake websites and ensuring they will not bother you anymore.


It should be noted that fake websites can’t get a pass SSL certificate. Also, the visitors should be aware that the HTTPS is missing and immediately avoid visiting that website.


  • SSL Protects from other cyber Attacks:


As the users are increasing day by day, there are increased attacks like spams emails, phishing, injecting an unwanted virus that destroys the data, MITM attacks, and many more.


The simple and effective way to prevent all the attacks is to get an SSL installed on your website.


It is impossible to have a cloned website with the SSL certificate. You can but a cheap SSL certificate and install it. This is a cost-effective and most reliable source for protecting the website and business as well.


  • SSL Helps in Regulatory Compliances:


According to the industry standards, an online e-commerce business should have a 128 bit SSL certificate with high-end encryption technology to pass the PCI norms.


The PCI standards make it a point that the websites should acquire the SSL from the trusted source. A website should be able to provide strong encryption so that the users can enter personal information without fear.


Final Thoughts:


As discussed above, we have known the importance of the website’s security and the importance of buying a cheap SSL certificate and getting it installed.


No matter how many secured steps we take, there is always a loophole for the attackers to find new ways to intrude on your website.